​Member or Attendee Reporting​

Master Brewers is committed to providing safe and inclusive opportunities for interaction among members and attendees at our events. View our Member Code of Conduct and our Expected Behavior Policy at Master Brewers events, including District events.

To Submit a Report:

If you are the recipient of inappropriate behavior or comments, or witness an event that made you uncomfortable, we strongly encourage you to submit an incident report online. You can choose to report anonymously, and it only takes a few minutes. Additionally, you can call toll-free at (877) 222-3011*, or download ​the free app in the Apple or Google app store. When you download the app, you will need to enter the keyword "scisoc".​

Please note that Master Brewers will investigate issues that involve a member in any setting, or an attendee at one of our events. If it turns out that your report falls outside of those parameters, we can provide you with information about other resources that may be helpful. 

Report Investigation:

Upon receiving a report, Master Brewers will investigate the complaint and attempt to resolve it, giving careful consideration to protecting the rights and dignity of all people involved to the extent that circumstances will permit.

No adverse or retaliatory action whatever will be taken against an individual for filing a code of conduct violation complaint with Master Brewers.

Decision by the Board:

Members or attendees who are found to have violated the Code of Conduct or Expected Behavior Policy may face disciplinary action per the Master Brewers Bylaws, including the revocation or suspension of their membership and volunteer positions, or be asked to leave an event or associated activity without a refund of any paid fees or travel expenses. By acknowledging the code and policy in joining, renewing or registering for an event, the member or attendee accepts as final the recommended course of action approved by the Board of Directors.

If you are currently in an unsafe situation, or experienced or witnessed illegal activity, please call 911 or your local emergency number.

*Additional Toll-Free Numbers: