District Volunteer Award

The MBAA District Volunteer Award will be awarded to the District with the most volunteer activity for the year. The winning District will receive up to $1,500 to aid in speaker travel for their District. MBAA Committee Members and District Officers are eligible to apply. Use the Volunteer Activity Online Form to submit your volunteer activity.

Nominated Awards

MBAA honors its members through the following nominated awards. To nominate a fellow member for one of these prestigious awards, contact the MBAA Executive Committee.

Award of Honor

Award of Merit

Distinguished Life Service

Honorary Life Member 

Best Paper Award

MBAA Annual Conference Presentation Awards

MBAA Brewery Award of Excellence

The purpose of the MBAA Brewery Award of Excellence is to promote the profession of brewing and to be the source for brewer's to network and improve their craft. Through this award program MBAA will be able to promote the scientific contribution breweries make to better our industry, community, and environment.

The scope of this award program is to deliver the MBAA Brewery Award of Excellence in 2014 and provide national public relations media for the breweries who best service the industry via sustainability.
For information on criteria and how to apply visit the MBAA Brewery Award of Excellence.

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