Course Scholarships

MBAA members are eligible to apply for the MBAA Scholarship. The scholarship covers the cost of tuition to either the Brewing and Malting Science Course or the Brewery Packaging Technology Course. Each course is two weeks in length and takes place in Madison, Wisconsin.​
Visit the Scholarship Provisions page to see if you qualify.

Deadlines for MBAA Scholarship:

Brewery Packaging Technology Course: February 15
Brewery Engineering and Utilities Course: June 1
Brewing and Malting Science Course: August 1


District Discounted MBAA Course Registrations

All MBAA districts are invited to enter a lottery drawing for a discounted registration rate for district scholarship winners planning to attend the MBAA Brewery Packaging Technology Course or the MBAA Malting and Brewing Science Course.

By submitting an application, your District is agreeing to fund 75% of the total course registration fee for your scholarship recipient.
Please enter our District in the drawing for the discounted registration rates for the following course(s):

Deadline for District Discounted MBAA Course Registration

Brewing and Malting Science Course

Application Deadline: December 31

Brewery Packaging Technology Course

Application Deadline: December 31

Brewery Engineering and Utilities Course

Application Deadline: December 31

Send District application forms to MBAA Headquarters (e-mail: mbaa@mbaa.com). Districts receiving the discounted registration rate will be notified.

Eligibility Process for Discounted Registration for Districts

Persons awarded the scholarships at the discounted registration rate must be active professional members in good standing with the MBAA.

Lottery Selection Process

Six discounted registrations per year will be available from the MBAA. A maximum of three slots will be chosen for each course. One person per course per district will be awarded the discounted registration.
  • Districts wanting to participate must contact MBAA Headquarters by the published deadline to be entered into the drawing.
  • Districts to receive the discounted registration rate will be randomly chosen from the pool of entries.
  • Districts must confirm their scholarship recipient or their intent with MBAA headquarters at least 12 weeks prior to the course to hold a space in the course.

District Scholarship Programs

For those districts without a formal scholarship program, the first step may be to nominate or ask for volunteers to chair or serve on a scholarship committee. We have put together the following suggested guidelines for establishing a scholarship curriculum:

  • Scholarship application
  • Current position
  • Financial need
  • Brewery/company support
  • Benefit to the person and their employer/company
  • Career goals
  • Previous courses/classes taken related to field
  • Special achievements, honors, or recognitions achieved
  • A description of how applicant became involved/interested in the industry
  • The name of a current District member who supports and endorses the applicant and the application
  • Two personal references within the applicant’s district, with contact information, who are willing to attest to the applicant’s commitment to the industry and the District’s goals and objectives.
  • Award of the scholarship may be made public information, and awardees should agree to the use of their name attached to the award if they are selected.
  • Decisions will be by vote of a simple majority and all decisions will be final. Committee members shall be ineligible to vote regarding scholarships for themselves or members of their families.
  • Proof that member is in good standing with one-year tenure in MBAA
  • Applicants must be committed to financing all other ancillary costs, including transportation, involved with the course.
  • Any misrepresentation on an application or supporting documentation will disqualify the applicant from receiving scholarship funds.

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