Award of Honor

The Award of Honor is given to an MBAA member who has rendered outstanding service to the association. 

2014 Recipient 

Jens Voigt received an engineer diploma (M.S.) in brewing and beverage technology from Technische Universität München–Weihenstephan, Germany, in 1985. He began his career with Anton Steinecker GmbH in Freising, Germany, as a technical engineer in brewhouse, fermentation, and filtration equipment. Jens received his doctorate in brewing technology on beer foam from Weihenstephan (Professor Narziss). In 1996, he joined Doemens in Munich, Germany, as managing director. In late 1997 he joined Heinrich Huppmann GmbH in Kitzingen, Germany, as a key account manager for brewery equipment. From 2004 to 2012, Jens was a research associate with Professor Sommer (Mechanical Engineering & Process Technology), at TU München, working on brewing and beverage process technology issues. He currently works as a professor in beverage technology at the University of Trier. Jens is a member of MBAA and IBD Fellow and a member of the editorial board for the Journal of the Institute of Brewing (JIB). He is a certified independent expert working both for courts and in private dispute cases nationally and internationally. Jens enjoys teaching students and performing research on beverages and their raw materials. His hobbies include golf and bird watching.


Past Recipients  

​1980 William A. Hipp
​1981 ​James W. Fitzsimons
​1982 ​Leslie C. Jessop
​1983 ​H. Ranulph Hudston
​1984 ​Herbert K. Oehmichen
​1985 ​Eugenio Gebauer
​1986 ​Harold M. Broderick
​1987 ​John McCabe
​1988 ​Herman Rosenbusch
​1989 ​Paul Geddes
​1990 ​Andrew Steinhubl
​1991 ​Ruben Schneider
​1992 ​Karl Strauss
​1994 ​James E. Stewart
​1995 ​Giorgio Sega
​1997 ​John Britnell
​2000 ​Joseph Hertrich
2003 ​Jerrold Hilton
​2013 ​​Jaime Jurado
​2014 ​Jens Voigt

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