Award of Honor

The Award of Honor may be given annually to a member, who in the opinion of the Executive Committee, has rendered outstanding service to the Association and will be presented to the recipient at the annual meeting by the president.

2013 Recipient

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Jaime Jurado served as MBAA president in 2005, prior to which he served as chair of the MBAA Technical Quarterly Editorial Board and as a district officer in two districts. After completing his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, Jaime’s brewing career commenced began with a brewing apprenticeship as a Praktikant in the Bavarian breweries of Patrizier-Bräu AG in Nürnberg, Fürth, and Würzburg in 1983, as well as in the QA Department of Hasenbrau AG in Augsburg. Jaime spent 1984 and 1985 working as a project engineer in the London brewery of Truman, Hanbury & Buxton and also at the E. Smithwick & Sons Ltd. brewery in Kilkenny, Ireland. He then returned to the United States, where he was hired as assistant brewmaster at The Lion Brewery in Wilkes-Barre and began work on his M.S. degree in electrical engineering. Jaime advanced to the master brewer position at The Lion Brewery and later served as a technical manager at Courage Brewing Ltd., the U.K. subsidiary of Foster’s Brewing Group. After two years working on optimization of systems, Jaime reduced his work schedule to part-time and studied and researched as a doctoral candidate in the Department of Engineering Science at Oxford University, where his research resulted in several publications. After three years, Jaime wound down his work and was granted a year’s absence from the university; however, he did not return from several months at MIT progressing his diffusion models. Instead, he accepted an opportunity at Stroh Brewery Company, which brought him to a new brewery commissioning project in Rajasthan, India, as well as others. He departed Stroh after three years to become the director of brewing operations at The Gambrinus Company breweries, where he stayed for just under 15 years. Jaime then took a working sabbatical for 18 months to design, procure, and commission a new-build, small regional brewery using several novel technologies and beginning a close alignment with sustainable explorations across the enterprise. Jaime stayed for 18 months as the small brewery was in positive and steady-state operations and with an excellent production team in place. He also performed engineering support work for the Dingle Distillery in Ireland. Jaime is currently working as an engineering consultant and planning his next adventure.​ 

Past recipients

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