Honorary Life Members

​Honorary Life Membership may be bestowed by the Association upon outgoing MBAA past presidents and to individuals who have distinguished themselves in the advancement of the Association, the art of brewing, or the interest thereof, upon recommendation of the Board of Governors, by majority vote of the Board at the biannual meetings of the Association.

2013 Recipient

Volke2013.jpgThomas C. Volke joined Paul Lewis Labs in Milwaukee, WI, after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a degree in chemistry. After six months he received an “invitation” from Uncle Sam and spent the next two years doing medical research at the Army Chemical Center in Maryland. After being honorably discharged Tom looked into getting his old job back and learned that Paul Lewis Labs had been sold to Pfizer Inc. Since the company was still making enzymes for the dairy and brewing industries, he was rehired and assigned to the beer lab. Under the guidance of Vincent Bavisotto and later Paul Steinke he did quality control work, field trials with hop extracts, and learned how to taste beer on a taste panel. Within a short time Tom became a member of ASBC and MBAA. Although he left Pfizer in 1975, Tom remains active in both ASBC and MBAA and has served for many years as treasurer of the ASBC Milwaukee-Chicago Section and MBAA District Milwaukee. In 1987, at the MBAA Convention in Philadelphia, PA, Tom agreed to partner with Marge Collins, editor/publisher of The Brewers Bulletin. He began by handling the business operations and letting Marge handle the editorial content. Marge eventually retired and has since passed away. Currently, with the help of his wife Marge, Tom is responsible for the entire operation. Tom is a founding charter member of the Museum of Beer & Brewing in Milwaukee and serves on the Board of Directors. He is also involved with Brew City Redevelopment, which has refurbished the Pabst Blue Ribbon Hall and opened the Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee. 

Past Recipients

Max Aubele*
Allan Beach*
Robert Brady*
Arnulfo Canales
Jim Diamantis
Joseph Dinzl*
F.W. Finger*
Jorge Fleischmann*
Eugenio Gebauer*
Edward Greisler*
Henry Hilton*
Jamie Jurado
Henry King*
Kathy Kinton
Frank Kirner
Ray Klimovitz
Paul Kramer
Herbert Ladish*
Gary Luther
Frank Mathes*
Jack McCabe
Robert McCaig
Gerhard Meng*
Augusto Metz*
Edward Neschke*
Hugo Patino
Joseph Pickett, Sr.*
George Reisch
Otto Rubish*
Inge Russell
Gil Sanchez
Felix Schmidt*
Arthur Schoenlein*
Richard Seibold*
James Shakman*
Larry Sidor
Joseph Spinka*
James Steer*
Charles Steinicke*
Mike Sutton
Joseph Tschida, Jr.*
Thomas Volke



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