Award of Merit

​The Award of Merit may be given annually to an individual (or individuals if they have worked as a team) who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, has made an outstanding contribution to the brewing industry and who will be invited to give a lecture at the annual meeting.

Nominations may be made by any MBAA member and reviewed by the Technical Committee and submitted to the Executive Committee for approval. The award will consist of a suitably inscribed plaque and will be presented to the recipient at the annual meeting by the president. The Executive Committee may, at its discretion, elect not to make an award each year.

2013 Recipient

Award Lecture

The Merit - Being Called a Brewer

The beer brewer trade is one of the oldest known professions going back to the Sumerians.  House breweries became industrial breweries.  Along with this evolution came the definition of brewers and guilds in the 13-century.  These brewers’ guilds developed rules and regulations, which defined the interests of the industry and the responsibilities of the brewer.  These responsibilities included the guild-regimented order, education, the support and maintenance of professional relationships amongst one another.  This talk discusses the brewer based on these traditional responsibilities and personal experience.

Gary-Luther-5-31-13-72ppi.jpgGary E. Luther is an engineer in brewing science and beverage technology, with 45 years of global experience. Gary has served as MBAA president and as president of MBAA Districts Baltimore and Milwaukee. He is a member of the German Brewmaster Association and Technical University of Munich Alumni Association. He is a founding member and first president of the Museum of Beer and Brewing. Gary has published articles in Brauwelt on variations in wet milling and co-authored two chapters on brewing operations in two much used technical books. He is also a former lecturer at MBAA brewing seminars (materials handling, brewhouse, and fermentation practices) and has been a guest lecturer at the Technical University of Munich, Weihenstephan. Gary held management brewing positions in Brazil and at MillerCoors. Additional work experience includes worldwide assessment of energy usage in beverage facilities and work in alcoholic distillation technologies. Gary continues to present papers on the technology of fermentation, water, processing systems, and brewing. He retired from Miller Brewing Company in 2000. He is the current president of the North American Singers Association (Nord-Amerikanische Sängerbund). Gary is married and has two daughters and five grandchildren.​

Past recipients:


2011 — Karl Seibert
2010 — Graham Stewart


2009 — Bill Ladish
2007 — Frank Kirner
2005 — Finn Knudsen
2003 — Nick Huige
2001 — Inge Russell


1999 — William K. Coors
1998 — Klaus Zastrow
1997 — Takashi Inoue
1996 — Egbert Pfisterer
1995 — Walter Swistowicz
1994 — Joseph Owades
1993 — Fritz Maytag
1992 — Ludwig Narziss
1991 — John Ladish
1990 — Morten Meilgaard


1989 — Charles E. Leiberman
1987 — Robert M. Halcrow
1985 — Michael J. Lewis
1983 — Miroslav Dadic
1982 — Arnulfo Canales
1981 — Karl M. Strauss
1980 — Moritmer Brenner

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