Award of Merit

​The Award of Merit may be given annually to an individual (or individuals if they have worked as a team) who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, has made an outstanding contribution to the brewing industry and who will be invited to give a lecture at the annual meeting.

Nominations may be made by any Master Brewers member and reviewed by the Technical Committee and submitted to the Executive Committee for approval. The award will consist of a suitably inscribed plaque and will be presented to the recipient at the annual meeting by the president. The Executive Committee may, at its discretion, elect not to make an award each year.

2015 Recipient

Mustafa Rehmanji
has over 45 years of experience in the malting and brewing industry. His current interests are in the areas of beer stabilization and the commercial treatment of beverages. Mustafa started his brewing career with Kenya Breweries, followed by a move to Canada where he served as director of technical service with Prairie Malt Ltd., now Cargill Malt. Later, he joined International Specialty Products, which was subsequently acquired by Ashland Inc. Mustafa retired from Ashland Inc. last December. Mustafa holds a B.S. degree in chemistry, a business degree and diploma in brewing technology. He is an active member of the Master Brewers Association of the Americas and the American Society of Brewing Chemists. Mustafa has given a number of technical papers at industry conventions including Master Brewers, ASBC, and IBD.


Past Recipients

2015​ ​Mustafa Rehmanji
​2013 ​Gary Luther
​2011 ​Karl Seibert
​2010 ​Graham Stewart
​2009 ​Bill Ladish
​2007 ​Frank Kirner
​2005 ​Finn Knudsen
​2003 ​Nick Huige
​2001 ​Inge Russell
​1999 ​William Corrs
​1998 ​Klaus Zastrow
​1997 ​Takashi Inoue
​1996 ​Egbert Pfisterer
​1995 ​Walter Swistowicz
​1994 ​Joseph Owades
​1993 ​Fritz Maytag
​1992 ​Ludwig Narziss
​1991 ​John Ladish
​1990 ​Morten Meilgaard
​1989 ​Charles Leiberman
​1987 ​Robert Halcrow
​1985 ​Michael Lewis
​1983 ​Mirsolav Dadic
​1982 ​Arnulfo Canales
​1981 ​Karl Strauss
​1980 ​Moritmer Brenner