Cleaning the Brew Kettle

The brew kettle is possibly the most critical piece of equipment in the brewhouse. The wort boiling process is where intense heating will condense the wort, drive off unwanted volatiles like DMS, develop malt flavors, isomerize and solubilize hop acids, and effectively sterilize the wort prior to subsequent cooling and yeast pitch. In order for the brew kettle to perform its job successfully its heating surfaces must be clean enough to efficiently transfer heat to the wort.



  • Pectin build up problems

    ​Q:  Is pectin build-up a problem for kegs or bottle fillers used to package cider?

    A:  Pectin is found in fruits where it is part of the cell wall material.  It is a complex polysaccaride and forms a jell. There is very little available data on how to deal with pectin build-up on filling equipment in packaged cider, however many cider makers will use a pectinase enzyme to break it down and eliminate it from being a problem Read More...



District Philadelphia

District Philadelphia has awarded their 2014 Brewery Packaging Technology Course Scholarship to Tim Roberts, production manager at Yards Brewing Company. Congratulations Tim!

District Western New York

District Western New York has begun looking for hosts/sponsors for 2015. If you or your company is interested in hosting an event for District Western New York, please contact the district for more information. The next district meeting will be September 17 at Southern Tier Brewing.

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New Beer Steward Program

Interested in becoming a Beer Steward? Learn how to take care of, present, and describe the beers you sell on your own schedule. You now have the option of attending the live seminar before the CBC or Annual Conference or participating in redesigned Beer Steward Certificate program, an independent study package that includes the Beer Steward Handbook, the MBAA Tasting Journal, and access to the Certificate examination.



Brewery Engineering and Utilities Course

September 7-19, 2014
Portland, Oregon

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November 2-13, 2014
Madison, Wisconsin

Brewery Packaging Technology Course

April 26-May 7, 2015
Madison, Wisconsin



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