Growlers and Beer Quality

More and more beer is being sold in “growlers”: containers typically filled via a draft faucet. As retail off-premises licensees are being granted the ability to practice this form of sale, we are seeing a proliferation of growler fill stations everywhere from grocery stores, to gas stations, to actual dedicated retail growler-fill stores. Growlers are gaining in popularity with beer drinkers and have the potential to sell large volumes of beer. Growlers originated many years ago, and it’s important to keep in mind that the original growlers were open pails meant to be filled at the local bar and consumed within hours of being poured.



  • DMDC anti-microbial additive

    Q: Awhile back I noticed the TTB approval of Dimethyl Dicarbonate (DMDC) as a processing aid in beer production, but I haven't seen anything more written about it. Can you tell me a little about this option? The TTB release describes it as a "microbial load reducer" and I can find a number of resources that cite its use in winemaking. They seem to use it to reduce wild yeasts. Does DMDC have any effect on beer-spoilin Read More...



District Cincinnati is Now District Midwest!

After a journey nearly two years long, District Cincinnati was renamed District Midwest as of April 4, 2014. Congratulations to District Midwest! Click here to read more about this change.

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The application deadlines for the following scholarships are coming up. Visit the scholarship provisions page for complete details and eligibility requirements.
MBAA Scholarship—August 1
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