Cleaning the Brew Kettle

The brew kettle is possibly the most critical piece of equipment in the brewhouse. The wort boiling process is where intense heating will condense the wort, drive off unwanted volatiles like DMS, develop malt flavors, isomerize and solubilize hop acids, and effectively sterilize the wort prior to subsequent cooling and yeast pitch. In order for the brew kettle to perform its job successfully its heating surfaces must be clean enough to efficiently transfer heat to the wort.



  • Hop varieties for dry hopping

    ​Q:  I'm brewing a blonde ale, all grain. I used Crystal hops for the 40 min, 20 min, and the last 5 min boil. Should I continue using Crystal hops for dry hopping? Or should I use Cascade hops, or a mix of both?

    A:  For dry hopping, any of the three options are acceptable depending on what aroma/flavor attributes you desire in the beer. Crystal will contribute a spicy, flowery, slightly citrus aroma. Cascade will contribut Read More...




District Northwest

District Northwest will hold its Spring Meeting in Hood River, Oregon, the weekend of May 1–2, 2015. Brewers from across the region will gather to hear presentations on the theme of "Take Your Brewery to the Next Level." Registration and itinerary information will be posted on the District Northwest page once details are confirmed.

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Don't Miss your Chance to Apply for the 2015 MBAA Brewery Award of Excellence

Has your brewery implemented an innovative sustainability project? Apply for the 2015 MBAA Brewery Award of Excellence in Sustainability now! This award recognizes outstanding achievements by a single brewery in the development and implementation of an innovative process (or processes) that supports sustainability in brewing. Applications will be accepted through March 31, 2015.




Beer Steward Seminar

April 13, 2015
Portland, Oregon

Brewery Packaging Technology Course

April 26–May 7, 2015
Madison, Wisconsin

Brewery Engineering and Utilities Course

September 13–25, 2015
St. Paul, Minnesota

Beer Steward Seminar

October 6, 2015
Jacksonville, Florida

Brewing and Malting Science Course

October 25–November 5, 2015
Madison, Wisconsin



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