Lo-Tech Mash pH

How does one go about hitting a mash pH target? As with most things in brewing, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. There are many useful calculations, books, papers, websites, and other tools that can predict mash pH, based on the brewer’s water chemistry, malts used, etc. This article won’t help you do that. Instead, we’ll take a look at a quick and dirty method to determine exactly what your mash pH will be without treatment, as well as a couple of practical possibilities for adjustment.



  • Off-flavors from Peracetic Acid (PAA) Residual?

    ​Q: I have a question about sensory change of beer. One of the sanitizers is POAA(Peroxyactate) which is known as no-rinsing sanitizer. Even though CIP is done including final rinsing after POAA step, is there any possible that residual POAA can change beer flavor? I checked beer sensory which describ Read More...




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