Glycol Delivery Systems 101

A little bit of planning can go a long way to avoid major headaches down the road. Here are some things you should consider before turning the contractors loose. Read more...

Cold Room Considerations

While not the most glamorous part of the brewery, the cold room is a critical component of delivering your beer reliably and profitably to your customers. Read more...



  • Yeast Storage in Corny Kegs?

    Q: Dear Brewmaster,​

    I am the brewery lab manager at a brewery and we are reusing our main yeast strain, A56 (from BSI).  We are having an issue with the storage conditions that I cannot figure out.  Here is our process:

    We ferment a 15 or 30 bbl fermentor at 70 F, we drop the temperature down to 60 F once it has reached terminal gravity in order for the yeast to settle.  The next day we collec Read More...




District Mid Atlantic

District Mid Atlantic is now offering scholarships. Learn more here.

District Saint Louis

District Saint Louis has scheduled a pub crawl visiting a number of the local breweries on Saturday, June 27, beginning at the Kirkwood Station Brewery. This is a purely social event guaranteed to be fun. Visit the district website for more information and events..

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Now Seeking District Communications Chairs

Does your district website need help? Presentations never getting uploaded to the District Presentations Archive? Still not processing meeting registrations online? Contact your District President now to volunteer your service as District Communications Chair.

MBAA Incoming Officers for 2015-2016 approved

The Board of Governors has approved the Nominating Committee slate of officers for 2015-2016. These officers will take over after the conclusion of the 2015 MBAA Annual Conference:
President – Jim Kuhr, Matt Brewing Company
1st Vice President – Roy Johnson, John I Haas Inc.
2nd Vice President – Susan Welch, Malteurop North America Inc.
Treasurer – Kris Scholl, Craft Brew Alliance
Past President – Tom Eplett, MillerCoors



Process Control for Diacetyl: The Why, When, Where & How!

Broadcast Date: July 13, 2015
11 a.m. - 12 p.m. CDT


Brewery Engineering and Utilities Course

September 13–25, 2015
St. Paul, Minnesota

Beer Steward Seminar

October 6, 2015
Jacksonville, Florida

Brewing and Malting Science Course

October 25–November 5, 2015
Madison, Wisconsin



MBAA Mission Statement

To assist the brewing industry in continually improving their processes and products by providing and communicating technical information and innovation through the provision of professional development and support.


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