Cleaning the Brew Kettle

The brew kettle is possibly the most critical piece of equipment in the brewhouse. The wort boiling process is where intense heating will condense the wort, drive off unwanted volatiles like DMS, develop malt flavors, isomerize and solubilize hop acids, and effectively sterilize the wort prior to subsequent cooling and yeast pitch. In order for the brew kettle to perform its job successfully its heating surfaces must be clean enough to efficiently transfer heat to the wort.



  • Warming Calculations

    Q: I'm looking at initiating a can conditioning program. We are planning on filling the beer cold (~32–34°F). I will need to warm it up from the filling temperature to 65–70°F in order to initiate conditioning fermentation in the can. I need to calculate how long it will take to warm it through a "warming tunnel" given the ΔT and the temperature of the water used to warm it (~125°F). The can volume is 16 oz., so how much re Read More...




District Mid-Atlantic

The District Mid-Atlantic Fall Meeting (held November 7-8) included a social gathering Friday evening, technical presentations, swearing in of MBAA officers, dinner at Lost Rhino Brewery, and a tour of their facility. Read the recap here

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MBAA Technical Director Opening Deadline Extended

MBAA is seeking immediate applications for the position of MBAA Technical Director. 2014TechDirectJobDescription.pdfRead the job description here. Each submitting candidate is asked to address the accompanying questions in their cover letter. Deadline for applications is December 17. Please send confidential letter of interest and resume to

Register Now for Webinar on Tap: U.S. Hop Crop Update

Ring in the new year with our U.S. Hop Crop Update Webinar in January. Presenter Pete Mahony will discuss current versus future acreage expectations, yields, new varieties, crop quality, and damage issues. This webinar is sponsored by John I. Haas, Inc. Register now!




Webinar on Tap: U.S. Hop Crop Update

January 16, 2015

Beer Steward Seminar

April 13, 2015
Portland, Oregon

Brewery Packaging Technology Course

April 26-May 7, 2015
Madison, Wisconsin

Beer Steward Seminar

October 6, 2015
Jacksonville, Florida

Brewing and Malting Science Course

October 25-November 5, 2015
Madison, Wisconsin



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