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Please note:
Given that districts are now individual legal entities, it is important that signers of contracts or other legal documents sign with the district's legal name. The legal name of each district follows the same format: District (insert name) Master Brewers Association of the Americas (e.g. District Midwest Master Brewers Association of the Americas). Only district officers should be the signers of any legal document since they are covered by directors and officers liability insurance.

​District Governance

District Operations Manual.pdfDistrict Operations Manual

District Officer Ongoing Responsibilities.pdfDistrict Officer Ongoing Responsibilities

Update MBAA Every Time District Officers change

Sample Conflict of Interest.docSample Conflict of Interest Form

7b Whistleblower Policy_template.docSample Whistleblower Policy
MBAA District Incorporation and Tax Status.pdfMBAA District Incorporation and Tax Status

MBAA Timeline of events leading to District Incorporation.pdfMBAA Timeline of Events Leading to District Incorporation

District Scholarships

 Scholarships Available to Districts from MBAA

Guidelines for establishing a District Scholarship

District Saved Seat Policy and Timeline

Scholarship Award Announcement Letter Template

Scholarship Rejection Letter Template

Scholarship Matrix Instructions

District Tools

District Communications 101 (How to use your District website, upload presentations, manage district email list, etc.)

District Communications Event Checklist.docxDistrict Event Checklist

MBAAWebsiteTips.pptxMBAA Website Tips (How to post events to the website and calendar of events)

How to Upload District Presentations (Need more help? Try here)

Presentation Archives Consent.docxConsent Request to Post Presentation to District Presentation Archives (email response is sufficient - no signature required)

MBAA District Officer Services: Online Meeting Registration, Membership Services, Communication, Financial, etc.

Potential Speakers for District Meetings

MBAA PPT template.pptxMBAA Powerpoint Template

Standard operating procedure for Technical meetings.docxHere are some District Meeting SOPs developed by District Northern California. Do you have documents, procedures, ideas, best practices, etc. that you'd like to share with other Districts? If so, send them here.

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