​St. Paul / Minneapolis District Presidents

1907- Armin Neubert, Minneapolis Brewing Co.

1913- John Aubele, Jacob Schmidt Brewing Co.

1917- Fritz Just

1921- John Lingelbach, Duluth Brewing and Malting Co.

1925- Xavier Bauer

1927- John Aubele, Jacob Schmidt Brewing Co.

1934-1945- Joseph Dinzl, Gluek Brewing Co.

1946- Lester Voell, Kurth Malting Co.

1948- John Beerhalter Jr, Fitgers Brewing Co.

1950- Herbert B. Arnold, Jacob Schmidt Brewing Co.

1952- George J. Tschida Jr, Theo. Hamm Brewing Co.

1954- Jerome Haggenmiller, Gluek Brewing Co.

1956- Frank Mathes, Minneapolis Brewing Co.

1958- Joseph J. Tschida, Theo. Hamm Brewing Co.

1960- Willibald Stersinger, Minneapolis Brewing Co.

1962- Frederick Thomasser, Jacob Schmidt Brewing Co.

1964- William Runge Jr, Rahr Malting Co.

1966- Paul Hauwiller, Jacob Schmidt Brewing Co.

1968- Harold Poate, Fleischmann Malting Co.

1970- Lawerence Schuller, Grain Belt Brewing Co.

1972- Vincent Daley, Theo. Hamm Brewing Co.

1974- Raymond Weisner, Theo. Hamm Brewing Co.

1976- Wilbur Nobles, Fleischmann Malting Co.
            Wallace Haus, Jacob Schmidt Brewing Co.

1978- Wallace Haus, Jacob Schmidt Brewing Co.

1980- Robert Schmidt, Olympia Brewing Co.
            William Gillick, Olympia Brewing Co.

1982- William Gillick, Olympia Brewing Co.

1984- James Stillman, Rahr Malting Co.

1986- H. Peter Meysembourg, Stroh Brewing Co.

1988- Joseph Weiss, G. Heileman Brewing Co.

1990- Duane Fedje, Minnesota Malting Co.

1992- Marvin Daveloose, Stroh Brewing Co.
            Richard Mensing, Minnesota Malting Co.

1994- Mark O. Stutrud, Summit Brewing Co.

1996- Paul Kramer, Rahr Malting Co.

1998- Siegfried Plagens, Minnesota Brewing Co.

2000- Michael McDonough, G. Heileman Brewing Co.

2002- Jeremy Kral, August Schell Brewing Co.

2004- Joseph Dirksen, Ecolab

2005- Christopher Seitz, Summit Brewing Co.

2006- Kelly Kuehl, Kuehl and Associates

2007- Michael Lundell, Summit Brewing Co.

2008- James Lonetti, Summit Brewing Co.

2009- Bob DuVernois, Great Waters Brewing Co.


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