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District Mid-Atlantic’s Fall 2014 meeting was another success! The annual meeting was sold out weeks in advance to 90 brewers, suppliers, and beer enthusiasts and friends across the region. This year’s meeting was hosted by Lost Rhino Brewery in Ashburn, Va. the weekend of November 7th & 8th. As usual, the weekend started off with a social gathering Friday night, at Beltway Brewing Co., which was sponsored by ECOLAB. The social was a time to meet new members and catch up with friends throughout the district, as well as sample the assortment of beers brewed by Beltway Brewing Co. Saturday morning’s meeting started at Lost Rhino Brewery, with introductions of all attendees; stating who they were, how long they had been a member, and where they were from. District Mid-Atlantic is an informal district which believes the camaraderie and networking of its members, along with the value of strong technical sessions to educate and build up the brewing industry, is the strengths of the district.

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The majority of the day was filled with informative and interesting technical presentations on the following:

 “Spent Filter Cake Recycling Options” – by Andrew Welford (EP Minerals)
 “Use of Proline-Specific Protease for Beer Stabilization & Gluten Free Brewing” – by Sylvie Van Zandycke (DSM)
 “Influence of Mash on Sour Beer Production” – by Michael Tonsmeire (Author)
 “Novel Options for Stabilizations of Beer” – by Andrew Mola (Ashland)
 “Constructing Malt Specifications​ – Focusing on What is Important” – by Joe Hertrich (Retired Group Director, Brewing Raw Materials, Anheuser-Busch Inc.)

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All presentations evoked great questions and conversations by many in attendance. Shortly after lunch District Mid-Atlantic was honored to be the venue to host the swearing in of the new National MBAA Officers. Once installed, Tom Eplett (MBAA President) spoke to the group about MBAA and what the Organization is currently doing on the National front, and the committees currently being developed. After installation, the new National MBAA Officers are:

- President: Tom Eplett, MillerCoors
- 1st Vice President: Jim Kuhr, F X Matt Brewing
- 2nd Vice President: Roy A. Johnson, John I Haas Inc
- Past President: Horace G. Cunningham, Third Street Brewhouse

After all of the technical presentations, Tim Hawn (District Mid-Atlantic President) spoke to the group about our own upcoming district scholarship program that is in development, and reminded the attendees to Like us on Facebook, sign up for our e-mail newsletter, and monitor the Mid-Atlantic website. Tim also announced that the Spring ETC would be hosted by District Philadelphia in March 2015, and the Fall 2015 meeting would most likely be held in North Carolina at Mystery Brewing. The evening concluded with a nice meal at Lost Rhino Brewery, followed by tours of their facility. - Brian Jackson, District Mid-Atlantic Secretary


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