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Technical Meeting- Saturday, October 15, 2016.  Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, Richmond, VA.

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District Scholarships Awarded

The MBAA District Mid Atlantic​ Scholarship Committe is pleased to announce the recipients of the district scholarship awards for the Autumn 2015 and Spring 2016 periods.

Victor Rini of The Brewer's Art, and Nassim Sultan of Lost Rhino Brewery were chosen for these scholarships.  Both intend to use the funds to attend the MBAA Brewing and Malting Science course this coming October.

​Steve Frazier- District Technical Chair

Spring 2016 District Mid-Atlantic Meeting – Peabody Heights Brewery, Baltimore, MD

By Brian Jackson, District Vice President

District Mid-Atlantic had their annual spring meeting in historic Baltimore Maryland, the weekend of April 1st & 2nd. The weekend was hosted by Union Craft Brewery, on Friday, and Peabody Heights Brewery, on Saturday. The meeting was sold out to 120 registered attendees, from 14 different states, as well as Washington, DC.  The event evoked interest from both MBAA members and non-members within the brewing industry, with 69 attendees already being members of MBAA, while 51 were non-members. Of the 51 non-members, 36 were first-time attendees. In all, 27 different breweries, and 25 different companies from the allied trades were represented.

The weekend started off with a social gathering Friday night, at Union Craft Brewery. The social time is an opportunity to meet and network with new members, and catch up with friends throughout the district, as well as sample the assortment of beers brewed by the host, Union Craft Brewery.

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Saturday morning’s meeting started at Peabody Heights Brewery, which is located at the Old Historic Oriole Park. The meeting started out with a welcome from the owner Dick O’Keefe, who shared some of the history of the brewery site location, at the Old Historic Oriole Park.  The rich history of the location set the tone for the informative and impressive line-up of technical sessions, and presenters, the remainder of the day.

 The technical presentations covered a wide range of topics on the following:

·       Humulinone Formation in Hops and Hop Pellets, and Its Implications for Dry Hopped Beer” – by Dr. John Paul Maye, Ph.D., Technical Director, Hopsteiner

·       Brewery HAZMAT Chemical Safety” – by Steve Gerloff, Madison Chemical

·       Applying Variable Frequency Drives in Brewing Applications” – by Joe Carey, ABB/Baldor

·       The Science of Detecting Odors and Tastes - Smell, Taste and the Biology of Flavor” – by Dr. Steven Munger, Ph.D., Director, Center for Smell and Taste, University of Florida

·       Brewery Automation: Keys to Success” – by Dan Woodbury, Eastern Regional Manager for Process Automation, Siemens

·       Brewhouse Design for Craft Brewers” – by Fred Scheer,  Director of Brewing and Process Technology, Krones

All presentations evoked great questions and conversations by many in attendance.

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John Bryce (MBAA Technical Outreach Director) spoke to the group about MBAA and what the Organization can offer as a member. Membership provides access to an extensive database of the Technical Quarterly archives, the newly implemented “Ask the Brewmaster”, numerous scholarships, and other benefits available through the MBAA website.

Tim Hawn (District Mid-Atlantic President) spoke to the group one last time as President. He will be moving out of the district with his new position. Tim spoke of the benefits of a MBAA membership and the numerous scholarships at both the National and District level. Tim has been President of Mid-Atlantic for 10+ years and his direction and support of the District and MBAA has been greatly appreciated. Under his direction District Mid-Atlantic has grown considerably in the last 10 years and the Technical programs are one of the best around.  Many thanks to Tim and good luck on his new adventure!

Steve Frazier (District Mid-Atlantic Technical Director) also spoke to the group and announced the upcoming 2016 fall meeting in Richmond, VA, hosted by Hardywood Park Craft Brewery and Stone Brewery. Steve also announced this year’s two scholarship awardees.

At the conclusion of the day, District Mid-Atlantic randomly selected one lucky non-member to be awarded a MBAA membership. This year’s awardee was David Thompson.

The weekend came to a close with a social hour and dinner at Peabody Heights Brewery, sampling their award winning beers, and beers brought to share by the other breweries in attendance.

- Brian Jackson, District Mid-Atlantic Vice President


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