Beer Drinkability�A Review

Peer-Reviewed Paper

MBAA TQ vol. 42, no. 1, 2005, pp. 13-15  |  VIEW ARTICLE

Rubens Mattos and Roberto H. Moretti. Department of Food Technology, State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil.

Drinkability is widely used as one of many attributes available to describe the characteristics of a beer. A problem arises when one intends to describe the real meaning of the word �drinkability� when used for beers. This article aims to clarify the concept of drinkability and determine whether the term is being correctly used or not. Some research papers have been published in which drinkability is a response variable, despite the fact that drinkability itself is not a sufficiently studied issue. A beer that has good drinkability is the one that invites the drinker to another glass. Methods of measuring drinkability are proposed and beer aspects responsible for its drinkability are also discussed.
Keywords: beer, drinkability


El �drinkability� (facilidad de beber) es utilizado frecuentemente como un atributo de cerveza; una cerveza con buena �drinkability� es aquella que incita a beber una copa m�s. Resulta problem�tico describir el verdadero sentido de esa palabra cuando se usa para cerveza. Esta presentaci�n trata de clarificar el concepto y determinar si el t�rmino es correctamente aplicado o no. Algunas investigaciones utilizan el �drinkability� como un variable de respuesta, cuando en verdad este atributo no ha sido suficientemente estudiado. Se proponen m�todos para la medici�n de �drinkability� y se discuten aspectos de una cerveza que son responsables por su �drinkability�.
Palabras claves: cerveza, drinkability


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