Beer Filtration with Regenerable Filter Aid

MBAA TQ vol. 36, Number 2, 1999, Pages 235-238 VIEW ARTICLE

Frederique Harmegnies, R.T. Gil, and R. Bonacchelli. Poster presented at the MBAA 111th Anniversary Convention, Minneapolis, Minnesota, September, 1998.

The efficiency of kieselguhr filters for beer filtration is well recognized but they are more and more questioned by economical and ecological considerations. A concept of "ecological filtration" has been developed, based on the use of regenerable filter aid of variable porosity for prefiltration or clarification of beer. PVPP stabilization can be carried out simultaneously to clarification. According to the economical study of an industrial installation, the investment and operating costs are lower than in the case of a conventional system.
Keywords: Filtration, filter aid, PVPP, stabilization  

La eficiencia de los filtros de tierra. diatomacea para la filtracion de cerveza es bastante reconocida pero hay mas y mas cuestionamientos por consideraciones economicas y ecologicas. Un concepto de "filtracion ecologica" ha sido desarrollado, basado en el uso de filtro ayudas regenerables de porosidad variable para prefiltracion o clarificacion de cerveza. La estabilizacion con PVPP puede ser lievada a cabo simultaneamente a la filtracion. de acuerdo al estudio economico de una instalacion industrial, la inversion y costos de operacion son mas bajos que en el caso de un sistema convencional.


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