A review of brewery sanitation with special attention to tropical and semi-tropical climates.

MBAA TQ vol. 22, no. (1), 1985, pp. 34-38 | VIEW ARTICLE

Jacobson, F.B.

The problems of sanitation in the tropics are much increased over the temperature zones; both temperatures and relative humidity are higher and there is no period below 0 degrees which can reduce or retard the activities of microorganisms and pests. Conditions in tropical climates are, in fact, particularly conductive to spoilage organisms. For good storage grain should be clean and the store should be well ventilated with low humidity and temperature. Grain moisture levels of 8% or less are desirable as moulds will grow even at 5 degrees C if the relative humidity is above 72%. Control of insect infestation depends very much on inspection of new grain deliveries and use of pesticides whilst traps are still the best answer to rodents. Several new areas of insect control are being investigated at the moment, e.g. use of pheromones to attract insects, use of hormones to prevent maturation of larvae and use of carbon dioxide in conjunction with a fumigrant such as methyl bromide.
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