Evaluating walton filter data.

MBAA TQ 1984, 21(1), pp. 27-32 | VIEW ARTICLE

Kemper, E.A.

The Walton filter is a laboratory-scale constant-rate bodyfeed filter which can be used to evaluate new filter media. In this process time and pressure drop data are recorded and constant rate filtration theory was used to develop a relationship between time and pressure drop which could be empirically evaluated from Walton filter data via a program written for the TI-59 calculator. The program calculates the initial specific resistance of the filter cake, the exponent applied to the cake pressure drop (compressibility of cake), the specific cake resistance for each time and pressure drop reading, the pressure drop at 8 h, the hours to reach 45 psig pressure drop and a correlation coefficient for the Walton filter data. A table of calculated results from several experimental filter runs is given in addition to the program listing (379 steps).
Keywords: beer filtration computation kieselguhr sterile filtration  


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