Automated fermenter control at moosehead breweries, limited.

MBAA TQ 1984, 21(1), pp. 39-44 | VIEW ARTICLE

Cumberland, W.G. MacDonald, D.M. and Skinner, E.D.

The existing control system in the combi-fermenters at this brewery was found to be inadequate when expansion was required. A Matrix valving system was installed in the new tanks with the main operations of CIP, filling and emptying being carried out using a programmable controller for the sequence logic. A colour graphic video display is provided for operator reference. The system uses remote input/output racks and is controlled from a single touch key pad. An on-line printer is used for data logging. The individual tanks are controlled by a system of differential pressure cells and a Chameleon Process Micro-computer. The system yields all pertinent tank parameters including the corrected degrees Balling and controls temperature to the required process settings. The system is now working efficiently under practical conditions.
Keywords: brewery computer control fermentation fermentation temperature pressure  


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