Practical experiences in the production of wort by continuous high temperature wort boiling.

MBAA TQ l984, 21(4), pp. 166-170 | VIEW ARTICLE

Chantrell, N.S.

The advantages of continuous high temperature wort boiling (CHTWB) are presented based on the results obtained from a 300 Brl/hr production plant. The plant was installed alongside a conventional batch system and involves the recuperation of vapours to reduce the energy consumption during boiling. Satisfactory results can be produced using CHTWB after 3 min at 140 degrees C with an evaporation of 8%. A wide range of products have been produced by this method, these have proved to be acceptable by flavour profile analysis and have been introduced into trade unblended. Hop utilisation has been increased by 2% and energy measurements show a 69% reduction in the steam requirement, thereby reducing the overall brewhouse requirement by 56%. Calculations show a discounted pay back period of between 20 and 24 months and results indicate increased benefit in terms of beer flavour and stability.
Keywords: analysis beer brewing continuous process wort boiling  


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