Measurement and calculation of brewing material efficiency.

MBAA TQ vol. 21, no.(3), 1984, pp. 107-111 | VIEW ARTICLE

Pfisterer, E. and Stanners, J.L.

Major funds are annually directed towards the purchase of malt and adjunct; therefore efficient utilization of these materials is economically most important. Particularly, in a multi-plant operation it is essential to have an accurate and rapid method available to measure and calculate brewing material efficiencies. Evidence is advanced that the traditional method of calculating brewing material efficiency comprises several pitfalls. In order to improve the accuracy and precision of the method it is proposed to use: * Hot and cold wort volumes * 0.97 as the correction factor * density at 20C/4C for converting a weight/weight percentage into weight/volume percentage. In case of liquid adjunct it is proposed to use: * the supplier's extract figure only in conjunction with a corrected Plato reading for % wort dry substance.
Keywords: adjunct brewhouse yield brewing efficiency extract yield malt syrup  


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