D.e. filtration optimization and large scale filter systems start-up.

MBAA TQ vol. 20, no. (3), 1983, pp. 109-113 | VIEW ARTICLE

Mefford, M.H. Lowder, J.R. and Coors, J.K.

Results from experimental design testing were used to evaluate filtration performance of diatomaceous earth (DE). Six grades of DE from 3 suppliers were tested to measure the effect of flowrate, precoat grade, precoat amount, bodyfeed grade, and bodyfeed amount on the filtrate by measuring turbidity, run length and differential pressures. Optimisation of the DE filter operation was achieved by controlling the bodyfeed grade and dosing rate. The coordination and start-up activities which preceded the actual production operation of Schenk ZHF filters are also reviewed. Areas of responsibility for scheduling, coordinating, and documentation of all start-up activities are discussed. The total system consists of bulk unloading, DE filters, CIP and DE disposal. Recommendations are made for system start-ups.
Keywords: beer filtration kieselguhr filter turbidity  


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