Process considerations and plant design of fermentation/maturation vessels in modern brewery installations.

MBAA TQ 1978, 15(1), 30-37 VIEW ARTICLE

Harris, J.O. and Irvine, J.

The design features for the complete automation by computer control of all routing operations for fermentation and maturation systems through fixed piping using hygienic control valves are described. Process methods for the use of large cylindro conical vessels for single tank operation for the fermentation and maturation of ale and lager are developed. This information is used to assess the relative capital cost per unit of production for semi and fully automatically routed single and two tank operation for the production of ale and lager. On the basis used in this paper, simple tank installation unit costs are lower for both types of beer. Full automation of the routing operation has limited additional cost per unit compared with semi automation. Continuous fermentation with maturation is the highest cost per unit output for ale production.
Keywords: ale automatic beer brewing construction cylindro conical tank design equipment fermentation lager maturation transfer type  


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