Beta glucan and beta glucanases in malting and brewing.

MBAA TQ Jan/March 1976, 13(1), 3-7 | VIEW ARTICLE

Bourne, D.T., Jones, M. and Pierce, J.S.

This paper reviews the recent work on the beta glucan content of barley and malt and the variations in the amounts of beta glucanases to be found in these brewing materials. The location of the widely differing quantities of beta glucan in barley is discussed, together with the causes both varietal and climatic of these variations. The difficulties associated with the use of barley as an adjunct are shown to be linked with the availability of beta glucan for extraction. The pattern of extraction of beta glucan under practical brewing conditions is discussed as is the production of high beta glucanase malts designed to yield low viscosity worts even when substantial quantities of unmalted barley are used as adjunct.
Keywords: beta brewing enzyme glucanase gum mashing polysaccharide survey  


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