Enzymes in fermentation.

MBAA TQ vol. 11, no. (1), 1974, pp. 9-16 | VIEW ARTICLE

Pfisterer, E.

A series of commercially available carbohydrases as well as a freeze dried aqueous malt extract were examined for their specific activity and for stability after pasteurisation. It was found that most of the enzymes (except malt extract) retained their activity after pasteurisation. The changes occurring in the pattern of some carbohydrates in wort and beer brought about by the presence of these enzymes in the fermenter was also examined. It was found that each enzyme preparation characteristically changed the carbohydrate spectrum in the wort and even minute amounts of the freeze dried aqueous malt extract added to the fermenter increased the final attenuation. The use of these enzymes in the fermenter makes it possible to use materials as kettle adjuncts which contain relatively small amounts of fermentable matter.
Keywords: amylase attenuation beer enzyme fermentation glucanase proteolysis wort  


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