Expanding your production?

MBAA TQ vol. 6, no. (2), 1969, pp. 149-154 | VIEW ARTICLE

A. R. Erda and E. D. Stewart

Breweries faced with the necessity of increasing their production of beer without having time available for new construction should systematically examine their brewhouse, fermentation and storage, aging, and finishing departments step by step to see how extra' brews can be squeezed out of the equipment. Check-off lists were given for such items as changes in mashing times and temperature, wort and beer pipe-line sizes, pump impeller diameters, possible economies in starting tank usage, brewing of stronger worts followed by dilution at some point. Yeast should be analyzed to see that slow-working strains have not become dominant. Storage temperatures for the beer, improvements in the use of Kraeusen, and the possible improvement of filtration (longer runs) by the use of fining agents in the ruh cellars should be looked into.


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