Condensed annual report - Malting Barley Improvement Association

MBAA TQ vol. 6, no. (2), 1969, pp. 107-112 | VIEW ARTICLE

A. J. Lejeune

The 1968 barley crop is briefly described as to production and physical quality. A summary of the distribution and acreage of major malting varieties shows that Larker and Dickson were predominant in the Midwest, Betzes on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains, and Piroline in Idaho and Washington. The blue aleurone variety Conquest from Canada was approved as acceptable for malting and brewing in June, 1968, and the list of acceptable malting and brewing varieties for 1969 is included. Barley is included in the U.S.D.A. Feed Grain acreage diversion program again in 1969. The current status of new varieties and selections being evaluated in plant-scale tests is discussed as well as other phases of malting barley research programs, such as work on hybrid barley. Some of the educational phases of the programs are discussed.


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