Management - Motivating our manpower

MBAA TQ vol. 4, no. (3), 1967, pp. 197-199  |  VIEW ARTICLE

J. Gallagher

The manager of today has to be a manager or a supervisor of people, not things. He must be able to cope with the frustrating task of motivating a work force which is more mobile than any in our knowledge, one which is better educated, better informed, and almost totally uninhibited about the importance of job security as were many of the workers in the 30's and 40's. This frustrating task has required the manager or supervisor to re-examine his methods and the tools of motivation he has used in the past and what new methods are required to get the job done in today's ever-changing circumstances. This re-examination has revealed that "communications" between all levels of the work force is one of the most important tools of his trade and one most often overlooked.


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