Analytical approaches to strengthening product control

MBAA TQ vol. 4, no. (1), 1967, pp. 61-67 | VIEW ARTICLE

R. S. Williams, D. W. Murray, and R. C. Quittenton

A comprehensive analytical and taste evaluation of six beers carried out each week over an eleven-week period generally indicated wide changes in the analytical spectra which, with a few isolated exceptions, are not confirmed by the taste data. Amino acid analyses done on worts and the resultant beers from three different plants show that the raw materials are less important to the ultimate beer flavor as are the flavor congeners which are derived from them during fermentation. It is concluded that strict fermentation control is essential for the ultimate in product flavor uniformity. A new test is described involving the reduction by beer of the strong oxidizing agent, ceric sulphate, which is giving some indication of the oxidation state of beer. Data are presented which indicate the potential usefulness of the test.


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