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 Mark down on your calendar​ these important 2015 events!
April 14 thru April 17, 2015 - Craft Brewers Conference
April 26 thru May 7, 2015 - Brewery Packaging Technology Course *Application Due February 1, 2015*
June 13 thru June 17, 2015 - American Society of Brewing Chemist Annual Meeting
September 24 thru September 26, 2015 - Great American Beer Festival
October 8 thru October 10, 2015 - MBAA Annual Conference
November 13 thru November 15, 2015 - District Mid-South One Day Technical Conference

District Mid-South 2015 Scholarship:

MBAA District Mid-South
2015 Scholarship Application
In keeping with the bylaws of the MBAA the members of District Mid-South have chosen to set up a scholarship
Fund to provide funds to members to pursue endeavors for the general benefits of brewing. The funds for theses
Scholarship come from annual dues and are reinvestment in the future of our members and the Industry alike.
2015 Annual MBAA convention
We are offering 1 (one) scholarship to the MBAA Annual convention in Jacksonville, FL, from October 7-10, 2014.
The scholarship is $1000 and are available to professional members of District Mid - South.
Regular scholarship
Application will only be accepted from MBAA District Mid-South members in good standing or from
Individuals who have applied for membership with payment at the time the scholarship application is submitted.
Applications are available online at www.mbaa.com at our Mid-South page.
You must state the specific reason you are seeking funds. Awards are only be used for stated purpose.
If awarded the payment will be in the form of reimbursement and proof of completion will be required.
If awarded the scholarship, be prepared to explain to membership what it is you gained from the proceeds of your scholarship money. This could either be in person or by letter.
Any misrepresentation on an application will disqualify applicant.
Please answer all of the following questions for review by the scholarship committee.
Answer are best if short and complete.
1.       Date of application, your name, and contact information including address, phone numer and e-mail.
2.       Current MBAA member (membership #, chapter and year joined) or indicate current application with payment sent
3.       Education: Please provide education history from high school to present including fields of study and future plans.
4.       Scholarship applied or received, please include the year awarded.
5.       Employment history for the past 5 years, including employers, dates and duties.
6.       Experience/employment related to malting and brewing.
7.       Explain why you are interested in the field of brewing and the path that got you where you are today.
8.       Descripe what specific expense including cost you are requesting a scholarship for, and how this is relevant to your career.
9.       List one current MBAA member who endorses you an appropriate person to receive a MBAA District Mid- South scholarship.
10.   List two personal references who understand your commitment to this industry, including name, address, and phone or email.
Email your application in the body of an email only or any questions to:
Fred Scheer, scholarship committee chair, at Fred.scheer@krones.usa
DEADLINE IS June 28, 2015

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  2015 Fall ODTC - District Mid South
  2015 Fall ODTC - District Mid South

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