​​​Meet the Author: Evan Evans Shares His “From Grass to Glass” Perspective on Malting Quality

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Evan Evans has coined the phrase “from grass to glass” to capture his personal perspective on malting quality in barley variety development (breeding) and how understandings and improvements might enable brewers to produce better-quality beer—and more of it! In his book Mashing, Evans examines the interaction between equipment and malt quality, providing practical examples of what happens when the mashing process is modified. With this information, a knowledgeable brewer can fine-tune the brewing process to consistently produce the style or brand of beer desired and to make adjustments that might be applied to produce a new brand of beer.

Evan Evans is a Fellow of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (FIBD) and a consultant for Tassie Beer Dr in Tasmania. His former affiliations include the University of Tasmania, the University of Adelaide, and Purdue University.


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