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Technical Quarterly
Focus Issue on Sustainability

Focus Issue Editors: Toby Eppard and Todd Webster 

Editor-in-Chief: John Palmer

Scope Statement

The past decade has seen unprecedented growth in the brewing industry, and if this past year is any indication, the benefits of implementing sustainable practices are now more critical than ever. The challenges we face are social, environmental, and economic. Therefore, the pillars of sustainability are our people, our planet, and our profit. We must learn to manage these pressures and resources effectively to strive and survive in the next decade.

The Master Brewers is interested in taking a deeper dive into these important issues and their potential solutions in the fourth-quarter focus issue for 2020. We are looking for authors that are interested in addressing issues of sustainability in the brewing industry and invite you to work on this timely topic with Focus Issue Editors Toby Eppard, Todd Webster, and John Palmer.

Sample Topics​

  • ​​Innovations in water and wastewater treatment​
  • Recycling and reuse of wastewater
  • Implementation of sustainable practices in utility usage
  • Nexus between energy and water use
  • Responsible and effective recycling techniques for solid waste
  • Composting of sludge, spent grain, and other brewery production side streams
  • Innovations in packaging that promote sustainable outcomes
  • Assessing environmental implications of by-products created in the brewing process
  • Environmental impacts and factors to consider in all brewery-related operations
  • Managing growth at brewery operations in a sustainable manner
  • Consumers' view of brewers that proactively practice and promote sustainability
  • Addressing climate change in the entire supply chain of brewing processes
  • Financial impacts and benefits regarding implementation of green technologies at breweries

​Submission Deadline: November 1​, 2020

Author Guidelines

All article types are encouraged for this issue. TQ has a dozen ways for you to share your sustainability expertise with the Master Brewers community. Please refer to TQ’s Author Guidelines for more information.

Contact John Palmer, TQ Editor-in-Chief, with your article idea. He and the focus issue editors can help you refine it.

Author Benefits

A focus issue offers significant benefits to authors, helping to raise their profile in the industry. A single-topic issue gives Master Brewers members an opportunity to publish alongside the related work of peers to highlight progress in the focus area. The TQ focus issue on sustainability will be widely promoted and is expected to be highly read, giving authors maximum exposure. Articles receive DOIs and will be submitted to Crossref, allowing citation connectivity with other journals.

For more information about the scope of the issue or to submit your article, please contact
John Palmer, TQ Editor-in-Chief.

Focus Issue Editors

Toby Eppard worked at MillerCoors for 33 years, retiring in January 2019. Previously, he was assigned to the MillerCoors Corporate Brewing Team as the manager of staff brewing, supporting the MillerCoors brewery operations in North America and serving as an international consultant for both Coors and the Miller family of brands for MolsonCoors. Toby continues to support the Golden Brewery as a consultant in the areas of operations and learning and development. He is also actively involved at Colorado State University and is the principal instructor for the core brewing technical science curriculum and brewery management courses within the fermentation science degree program. Toby has undergraduate degrees in microbiology and chemistry and graduate degrees in operations management and marketing. He has also completed the Master Brewers Certificate Program at the University of California–Davis, earning the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) diploma and Master Brewer qualifications. Toby serves on the MBAA Higher Education Committee and on the Executive Board as current past president of the MBAA.

Todd Webster is the Vice President of Food & Beverage for Envirogen Technologies, Inc., in San Diego, California. Todd is a California Professional Civil Engineer and has a PhD in civil/environmental engineering with a focus on water and wastewater process engineering. For more than 20 years, Todd has been engaged in the environmental sustainability arena, working closely with both breweries and wineries on the nexus between water and energy issues. As a member of the Master Brewers Technical Committee and the Brewers Association Finance Committee, Todd works on understanding how breweries can integrate sustainability practices while realizing long-term financial returns.

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