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Technical Quarterly
Focus Issue on Hops

Focus Issue Editors: Stan Hieronymus and Tim Kostelecky

Editor-in-Chief: John Palmer

Scope Statement

Master Brewers is dedicated to encouraging innovation and promoting the exchange of knowledge about brewing technologies. To this end, we are introducing our first annual Technical Quarterly focus issue. Focus issues will target trending priority topics and help members stay knowledgeable on best practices. This year’s focus is on hops, which have experienced a paradigm shift in how they are perceived, developed, processed, and utilized in our beers over the past decade. This focus issue will highlight the latest science and current practices. 

Author Guidelines

All article types are encouraged for this issue. TQ has a dozen ways for you to share your hops expertise with the Master Brewers community. Please refer to TQ’s Author Guidelines for more information.

Contact John Palmer, TQ Editor-in-Chief, with your article idea. He and the focus issue editors can help you refine it.

Article Submission Deadline: July 29, 2019

Author Benefits

A focus issue offers significant benefits to authors, helping to raise their profile in the industry. A single-topic issue gives Master Brewers members an opportunity to publish alongside the related work of peers to highlight progress in the focus area. The TQ focus issue on hops will be widely promoted and is expected to be highly read, giving authors maximum exposure. Articles receive DOIs and will be submitted to Crossref, allowing citation connectivity with other journals.

For more information about the scope of the issue or to submit your article, please contact
John Palmer, TQ Editor-in-Chief.

Guest Editors

Stan Hieronymus is a lifelong journalist who has been writing about all facets of beer and brewing for the past 26 years. The four books he has written for Brewers Publications—Brew Like a Monk, Brewing with Wheat, For the Love of Hops, and Brewing Local—focus first on process, but he views brewing as a matrix in which culture and agriculture are among the essential components. He travels often internationally to speak at brewing conferences, most often about hops. Visit to sign up for Hop Queries, his free monthly newsletter.

Originally from Colorado and now retired in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Tim Kostelecky was with Coors Brewing Company in Golden for 18 years as a chemist in brewing research and with the Coors hop quality program. He later joined John I. Haas, Inc., in Yakima, Washington, and for 22 years had various roles, including technical services manager and general manager for the Advanced Products Division. Tim specialized in the use of hops and hop products and provided hops education and training for brewers worldwide. He now helps with the New Mexico State University brewing program in Las Cruces and lectures on the wonders of hops for the Hop Growers of America. Tim is an active member of the Master Brewers Association of the Americas and a past president of the American Society of Brewing Chemists.
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