Technical Committee
The Technical Committee is charged with reviewing new developments and methods related to the profession and industry, and shall make written recommendations and reports thereon, and shall plan the technical sessions of the Association.

Committee Chair: Andy Tveekrem, Market Garden Brewery

Committee Vice Chair: Darren L. Goodlin, Goodlin Process Solutions LLC

Committee Member: Wade Begrow, Founders Brewing Company

Committee Member: Molly Browning, Lallemand Brewing

Committee Member: Brian Faivre, Deschutes Brewery

Committee Member: Andreas Frank, Buhler Inc.

Committee Member: Stefan Hanke, Bitburger Braugruppe GmbH

Committee Member: Walter Heeb, MillerCoors

Committee Member: Doug H. MacNair

Committee Member: Fred Scheer, Paul Mueller Co

Committee Member: Michael J. Visgil, John I. Haas, Inc.

Committee Member: Gudrun Vogeser, PIKA Weihenstephan GmbH

Committee Member: Todd S. Webster, Envirogen Technologies

Committee Member: Chris Williams, Sleeman Brewing and Malting Co

Committee Member: Hiroyuki Yoshimoto, Res. Labs for Alcoholic Beverage Tech., Kirin Co., Ltd.

Executive Committee Liaison: Susan E. Welch, Proximity Malt

Ex-officio Staff Liaison: Carol Ericson, MBAA

Ex-officio Staff Liaison: Emma Nygren, MBAA

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