ASBC/MBAA Steering Committee
The purpose of the ASBC-MBAA Collaborative Steering Committee is to jointly address the synergies of both organizations and outline the strategies to strengthen the collaborative efforts of both the ASBC and MBAA for the future.

Committee Co-Chair: Scott J. Britton, Duvel Moortgat, NV

Committee Co-Chair: Tobin L. Eppard, MillerCoors LLC

Committee Member: Robert Christiansen, New Belgium Brewing Co

Committee Member: Roy A. Johnson, John I Haas Inc

Committee Member: Chris Powell, Univ of Nottingham

Committee Member: Kristopher C. Scholl, Craft Brew Alliance

Committee Member: Dana Sedin, New Belgium Brewing Co

Committee Member: Susan E. Welch, Proximity Malt

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