Brewery Safety Committee
Committee's charge is to develop and deliver web-based brewery safety tools and information.

Committee Chair: Brian Godfrey

Committee Member: Zackrey Earl Burkeen, Bell's Brewery Inc

Committee Member: Tara Craft, The Gambrinus Company

Committee Member: Andrew J. Dagnan, Wicked Weed Brewing

Committee Member: Mark William Jaeggi, Sabhailteacht Solutions, LLC

Committee Member: Russell McCrimmon, Brewery Safety Consulting

Committee Member: Gary S. Nicholas, Nicholas Brewing Projects

Committee Member: Daniel J. Pollard, Bridger Brewing Company

Committee Member: Nicholas Rosenberg, Blue Point Brewing Company

Committee Member: Christopher Saunders, Escarpment Labs

Committee Member: Anthony Stone, Tampa Bay Brewing Co

Committee Member: Brent Scott Tuominen, Surly Brewing Co

Executive Committee Liaison: Tobin L. Eppard, MillerCoors Corporate Brewing (Ret), Colorado State University

Ex-officio Staff Liaison: Bryan Mowry, MBAA

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