Past Presidents Committee
This committee ensures the current President and Executive Committee have a knowledgeable resource that they can call upon for advice and historical perspective. Additionally, the Past Presidents Committee will oversee and participate in the annual review of our management company relationship and performance.

Committee Chair: Kristopher C. Scholl, The Bruery

Committee Member: Tom Eplett, JT Eplett Brewing Technology Consulting LLC

Committee Member: Tobin L. Eppard, MillerCoors Corporate Brewing (Ret), Colorado State University

Committee Member: Roy A. Johnson, John I Haas Inc

Committee Member: Jim Kuhr, Catalyst Beverage Consulting

Committee Member: Susan E. Welch, Proximity Malt

Executive Committee Liaison: Kristopher C. Scholl, The Bruery

Ex-officio Staff Liaison: Carol Ericson, MBAA

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