Food Safety
This committee's charge is to review current issues related to food safety regulatory activities. Interface and coordinate with other brewing related organizations to address these issues. The committee will also maintain and update the MBAA website HACCP program

Committee Chair: Dustin W. Helsel, Founders Brewing Co

Committee Vice Chair: Will Crosby, Surly Brewing Co

Committee Member: Wade Begrow, Founders Brewing Company

Committee Member: Liz Ksiazek, Big Rock Brewery Ltd

Committee Member: Matt Linske, Brewing and Distilling Analytical Services LLC

Committee Member: Mary-Jane S. Maurice, Malteurop North America

Committee Member: Gary S. Nicholas, SanTan Brewing Company

Committee Member: Michael Scanzello, Briess Malt & Ingredients

Committee Member: Daniel A. Voce, Matt Brewing Co

Committee Member: Brian Wiersema, Virginia Tech Food Science & Technology

Committee Member: Ashley Wilson, Stone Brewing

Executive Committee Liaison: Brian Faivre, New Realm

Ex-officio Staff Liaison: Bryan Mowry, MBAA

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