Editorial and Publications Committee
This committee's charge is to solicit and review articles submitted to the Technical Quarterly and manuscripts submitted for book projects to create a robust and relevant library of content and resources.

Committee Chair: John J. Palmer, Palmer Brewing Solutions Inc

Committee Member: Wade Begrow, Founders Brewing Company

Committee Member: Kevin Campbell, SynTerra Corporation

Committee Member: Robert M. Hansen, Briess Malt & Ingredients Co

Committee Member: Joseph D. Hertrich

Committee Member: Stan Hieronymus

Committee Member: David P. Kapral, Brewing Consulting Services

Committee Member: Timothy J. Kostelecky

Committee Member: Val E. Peacock, Hop Solutions Inc

Committee Member: Fred Scheer, IDD Process & Technology

Committee Member: Justin T. Shingleton, Qkata Consulting, LLC

Committee Member: Graham G. Stewart, GGStewart Associates

Committee Member: Sylvie Van Zandycke, Lallemand Brewing

Committee Member: Christopher E. White, White Labs Inc.

Executive Committee Liaison: Tobin L. Eppard, MillerCoors Corporate Brewing (Ret), Colorado State University

Ex-officio Staff Liaison: Greg Grahek, MBAA

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