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Why Volunteer with Master Brewers?

Master Brewers is an all-volunteer organization in which brewers and suppliers can interact and support one another. As an association with powerful technical resources, we can benefit the industry as a whole. Many volunteers use these opportunities as a way to personally grow and develop as well as engage in a leadership position within our dynamic industry. 

Consider volunteering in Master Brewers as a local district board member, working committee member or lead on a committee. With several options to choose from, it’s easy to become involved in and all Master Brewers members are welcome to participate.

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What level of commitment is necessary?

Volunteer positions can range in scope from short, focused projects for a few months to longer positions with specified terms, which are typically renewable. During this time, volunteers attend and participate in their specific meetings, and are involved in activities of the board, office, or committee they serve. 

Already engaged in Master Brewers?

If you are already volunteering, then consider encouraging others to join your group. You may also consider joining more than one committee to expand your outreach and share your knowledge.  

Master Brewers is only as good as our members make us so we need you to take an active role—volunteer!

Be Driven—Volunteer!

Our goal is to increase the number of volunteers by 50% to support new initiatives and committee activities. 

Contact Master Brewers Headquarters and include name and email, and indicate if you have a specific volunteer interest such as publications, membership, education, or technical resources or are just willing to participate wherever needed.

 Call for Nominations

This is your opportunity as a member of Master Brewers to nominate a colleague or indicate your own interest in service to Master Brewers for 2nd Vice President on the Master Brewers Executive Committee. The Nominating Committee has identified a number of desired attributes that will be part of the selection process for new Executive Committee members. Learn more and submit your nomination by March 25, 2021. ​

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