Workshop Submissions​

The deadline to submit a workshop idea for the 2021 Master Brewers Conference had passed. The submission period is closed.
All workshop submitters will receive notification if their workshop has been accepted or not the week of July 12.


Submission Instructions

You will be asked to provide the following details for your interactive​ workshop submission to the 2021 conference. After you have concluded your submission, you will use your Master Brewers membership username and password to log back in if you need to access your submission prior to the June 4 deadline. A confirmation email will be se​nt with the access links.

For any questions, please contact


Workshop Title

Please use a short and concise title that indicates the content of the workshop. Additional workshop title requirements include:
  • ​The title is limited to 25 words. 
  • Do not place a period at the end of your title. 
  • Do not place hard returns in your title. 
  • No trade names or trademarks are permitted in workshop titles.

Submitter's Email

This is the email address that will receive initial communication regarding the start of the workshop submission. Once the review process begins, the Workshop Organizer will be the main contact for the submission.

Preferred Delivery Format

Specifying a preference does not guarantee placement. The submission of a workshop indicates you agree to the format assigned.
  • Onsite October 28-30
  • Virtual November 3-5
  • Either Onsite or Virtual

Virtual Presentation Format

Even if you indicate your preference to deliver the workshop onsite in Cleveland, OH, please provide a brief explanation of how you might envision delivering your workshop in a virtual format (i.e. Panel Discussion, breakout rooms, hands-on exercises/demonstrations, tastings, interactive handouts, polling, etc.). All onsite workshops will be recor​ded and rebroadcast for the virtual portion of the conference and all organizers need to be cognizant of how their workshop might function in a virtual environment.

Workshop Description

Please provide a full description of your workshop. This description will be included in the conference program, viewable to all registrants and prospective registrants.


Search for a Person

In this step, you will add the workshop organizer and any additional speakers (if applicable). Begin by searching for a person's name or email address in the search box. If they have a current record in the submission system, it will display for you to select and then edit their information. If the person's name does not appear in the search, you can click "Can't find the person you're look for?" to create a new person record.

Contact Information for Workshop Organizer/Speaker
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Telephone (include country code)
  • E-mail address (only editable for new person. If email address for existing person is incorrect, please contact
  • Affiliation (company/institution)
  • City
  • State or province
  • Country Indicate if the person is a student
  • Biography, if desired

Indicate Workshop Organizer

  • Y​ou are required to designate one Workshop Organizer.
  • Correspondence will ONLY be sent to the designated Workshop Organizer.
  • The Workshop Organizer (and all speakers) WILL be required to register for the conference.


Please review your submission details for accuracy. You may access your submission as needed until the workshop submission deadline.​

Click Conclude Submission

You must select this button for your workshop to have completed submission.​​

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