Beer Steward Program About

The Understanding Beer Flavor Experience

For companies and individuals serious about beer the Beer Steward Certificate program
offers the best hands-on beer flavor educational experience that you can receive, practically,
one-on-one with an experienced brewmaster. The Understanding Beer Flavor Seminar
reinforces the depth of your beer training, and is where you will learn how to better
describe beer flavors, pair beer with foods, select the correct glassware, and more. All of
this will allow you to enhance the image of beer and ultimately increase your sales.

Brewmaster Bill White introduces the class to the sensory experience.

The first of many "Cheers" as the tasting begins.

Participants learn to use all their senses to experience their beer.

Matching and contrasting beers with foods and flavors is a popular part of the training.

Understanding Beer Flavor Graduates Share Their Thoughts

What did you like most about the training?

"Very educational. Speakers kept interest throughout."

"Interactive, almost one-on-one."

"Hands on and allowed participation."

"[The speakers] are very outspoken and passionate about the business."

"Great section on food and beer."

"The instructor kept the presentation entertaining."

"I liked that it related information to real life experiences."

"The demonstration of food pairings."

How will this training impact how you perform your job?

"I will bring an expanded knowledge to the products I sell."

"I can better explain certain beers to customers."

"I can take the knowledge back to my team and put together a program to bring to our on-premise restaurants."

"It will open the door for me to get newer products into my restaurants."

"Now I will have the ability to explain more to my customers."

"I can develop food pairings for distribution packages."

"It will help me to recognize and understand all the different styles better - which will help me educate consumers better."

"I can teach my staff and educate the customers."

"I will be able to answer questions with more confidence."

What the Presidents of Organizations are Saying

"I believe we had a great day and raised the bar (no pun) on our company’s knowledge of the products we are proud to represent. Our people had a great time and were engaged, but I have to give the credit to you for drawing them in. It’s a bit unusual to find someone that has the technical brewing expertise that you have earned and have the ability to explain in both simple and complicated terms how the great styles are brewed, served, and tasted.

Dedicating time and resources to the MBAA Steward presentation is a worthwhile investment in your people and your business. I’ve been in the beer business for over 30 years and I’m always amazed how much there is still to learn. The presentation at The House of LaRose was delivered to over 60 of our selling and management staff. We have people that have advanced, intermediate, and beginning knowledge of the product, but everyone found that the program and the way it was delivered allowed them to take their knowledge and passion for the product to another level. Not to mention any day you get to sample and learn more about the great beers and breweries we represent, along with how to better serve to our customers, is a great day.

Cheers to the MBAA Beer Stewards."

Jim LaRose
The House of LaRose, Inc.

“I truly believe that this was one if not the best class I have participated in my 39 + years in the industry. I have recommended it to many of my friends across the industry suggesting that they train their teams with you.” Bob Fahr, owner—Fahr Beverage Inc.

What the Press is Saying

"The MBAA Beer Steward Certificate...focuses more on the sensory experience of beer -- the dominant flavors found in each specific brew. Rather than the simpler ale or lager distinction, the program divides beer into the following categories: malt-driven, hop-driven, fermentation driven and flavored...
“[The program] can teach us to be better beer tasters, more appreciative consumers, sharper analyzers and, without stepping into hyperbole, better human beings. By focusing on the special, positive, unique attributes of beer, we can appreciate it as a craft.“
Hanna Laney
Huffington Post
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"All the reading and studying in the world cannot replace the experience of using one’s senses to appreciate the colour, aroma and taste of beer. The goal was to give the participants a practical and thorough understanding of beer, taste, and vocabulary used in brewing and tasting.
"A program like this is long overdue. As people in the industry learn about the historic importance of beer, gain an appreciation of how beer can be paired with almost any food as well as beer’s many health benefits, it will be much easier for them to share that insight with their customers. This is truly a win/win/win for the individual, the industry and ultimately the consumer."
Bill White
TAPS The Beer Magazine
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"...Winking Lizard Tavern offers a proprietary “beer geek” program for staff education, training about 500 staffers each year. The best “geeks” get to take the MBAA Beer Steward program as both reward and incentive. Successful graduates are eligible for rewards such as travel to breweries in Belgium.
“The 14 Winking Lizard Taverns are the original concept and built around a loyalty to brand building,” says John Lane, vice president of operations for the chain. “We have been a brand Ambassadeur for [Belgian brewery] Orval for five years in a row and are the first ones to be named Cum Laude Brand Ambassadeur outside of Europe.”
The Lizardville Beer Store and Whiskey Bar is a hybrid concept in Bedford Heights, where guests can choose from 650 beers to go or served on-premise, Lane says. Winks Bar and Grille is a local concept, with 18 of the 33 tap handles from Ohio breweries and the rest from surrounding states.
“We chose the MBAA Beer Steward program because I felt it was the most pertinent for my serving staff when dealing with our guests,” Lane says. The training sessions were also focused on the Winking Lizard’s menu to create memorable pairings.
“Sales are certainly a measurement, but we are known as the place to go to get a quality beer—clean glass, proper glass, best tasting draft beer, proper pouring techniques, proper hygiene techniques,” Lane says."
Lucy Saunders
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