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Beer Steward Certificate

With the explosion of new breweries and beer flavors—be your customer’s best resource!

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Program Objectives

Whether you work in the brewery sales or marketing departments, the distributor sales team or in
the retail at the point of customer contact, the Beer Steward Certificate course goal is to use beer education to increase your beer sales!

Formulated by Brewmasters and Beer Professionals, the Beer Steward Certificate will train you on everything from where flavors are born in the brewery to its delivery and final pour into the proper beer-clean glass. Students of this advanced independent study program will receive an overview on all aspects of beer care and service beyond the brewery gate: how to properly handle and store beers to maintain flavor and freshness, the role of beer in human history, the diversity of beer styles and how to describe the positive flavors of your products beyond “malty “ and “hoppy” and where those flavors come from, how draft systems work, the role of beer in human health and the regulatory issues that affect beer selling. Students will also learn how to showcase beer styles using food pairings and the use of proper glassware for optimized presentation. Cost is $195.00; purchase online.

Students Receive

Beer Steward Handbook

The Beer Steward Handbook is a peer-reviewed textbook written by experienced brewing professionals and brewmasters. The handbook presents a wide range of topics never before collected in such detail in one text. The Beer Steward Handbook is the industry standard for professionals in the wholesale and retail beer industry.

An online exam

The exam consists of 75 multiple-choice questions that are based on the contents of the Beer Steward Handbook.  This is an open-book, one hour long examination that you can take on any computer with an internet connection.  Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive the Beer Steward Certificate from the Master Brewers Association of the Americas, North America’s oldest non-profit professional brewing association, which is renowned for its work in advancing brewing education and professional development in the brewing industry since 1887.

Tasting Journal

Have a long draft list or sales book? Practice what you learned in the Beer Steward Handbook with the Beer Steward Tasting Journal. The Tasting Journal will help you take notes on-the-run about individual beers that you try so that you can reference them when needed to make the next sale. 

Who Should Participate?

  • Anyone who wants to understand the complexities of beer once is makes its way into the wholesaler and retailer world.
  • Wholesalers and retailers who want to maintain beer quality and freshness while they store, rotate, and display a large inventory of beer.
  • Brewery Sales and Marketing personnel who want to better understand and sell the products their breweries produce.
  • Restaurateurs who want to compile an appropriate list of beers to complement their food offerings.
  • Bar managers who want to select the proper glassware, serving temperature, and pouring technique to showcase the unique characteristics of each beer.
  • Servers who want to educate patrons about beer styles and advise diners on pairing beer with food. 

"I face either inquiries for knowledge or challenges against my knowledge, the information was very thorough, very solid."—Chico, CA

Participants must be 21 years or older to participate in MBAA Beer Steward programs.