Speakers for District Meetings​​​​​

​The individuals and/or companies listed below are willing to travel to the districts, upon invitation, to do the following presentations or to assist you in finding speakers. Most will not charge expenses, but some will. Contact the individuals below for further information. If assistance is required or if you would like to be added to the list, please contact Master Brewers at +1.651.454.7250 or mbaa@mbaa.com.

​3M Purification (formerly CUNO) is available to provide lectures on beer microfiltration as well as general filtration topics and bioluminescence-based hygiene monitoring in the brewery. Contact Conor O'Hara, Global Marketing, Food & Beverage, 3M Purification. Conor can be reached at + or e-mail cjohara@mmm.com
Chris Atkinson, a senior technical sales representative for Gusmer-Cellulo, is an unlimited resource for all brewing applications: supplies, equipment, instrumentation, microbiology, filtration, and more. Contact Chris by phone at +1.401.245.1484 or by e-mail at catkinson@gusmerenterprises.com. Visit the website at www.gusmerenterprises.com.
​Andy Brewer, Vice President - Sales with Petainer. Andy can speak on kegging systems in general. Topics include: Washing and filling techniques and best practices; How to reduce utilities on your keg line without reducing quality or throughput. Contact him at andrew.brewer@petainer.com or +1.636.448.8474. Visit the website at www.petainer.com
​Rick Brundage, brewing industry technical consultant for ChemTreat, Inc., is available to talk on pasteurizer, utilities and waste water treatment, and other topics. Contact Rick at +1.804.366.0948 or by e-mail at rickb@chemtreat.com.

​George K. Crochiere
, Crochiere & Associates, LLC, Pepperell, MA, is available to talk about oxygen and contaminant ingress, and carbonation and moisture loss through closures, closure liners, and plastic bottles as well as oxygen incorporated during the filling process. Crochiere & Associates, LLC is an independent consulting and testing firm with 20-plus years experience in sealants, coatings, barriers, and scavengers, specializing in full package testing with package abuse to simulate real world conditions and accurately predict product shelf life. For further information, contact George at +1.978.618.7656 or crochiere_assoc@hotmail.com.
Blake Crosby, represents the fifth generation of the Crosby hop family and was born and raised on the farm in Woodburn, Oregon. His early experience driving tractors, irrigating the fields and learning the hop trade grew into expanding the family business whose products now fulfill craft brewers' hop needs around the world. As managing director of CHF, Blake’s experience growing up in the hop industry is invaluable. Blake is very active in the industry, serving as both a commissioner for the Oregon Hop Commission and a director for the Hop Growers of America. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon and holds an MBA from Willamette University. Topics include: Hop production and pellet processing best practices, HACCP, QA/QC, micro/macro hop-economics, and general industry trends. +1.503.982.5166 blake@crosbyhops.com​
​Doug Cuss, president, Leo-Chem Enterprises Inc., and Canadian rep for JRS-USA, is offering to do presentations on the use of all natural filtration aids at Master Brewers meetings. Doug can be reached by phone at +1.905.338.3010; fax +1.905.338.1368; or e-mail at doug.cuss@sympatico.ca.
​Rick Davis is the EH vice president of sales for eps corp, Austin, TX. Rick has a long professional history of business development and corporate strategy extending across a variety of industries and companies of all sizes. Rick has a J.D. degree from the University of Texas School of Law, an M.B.A. degree from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas, and a B.A. degree with honors from Rice University. Rick is available to speak on the areas of energy efficiency, sustainability, or carbon emission reduction. He can be contacted by e-mail at rickd@epsway.com or by phone at +1.512.419.7785.
​Ecolab, Inc. of St Paul is available to lecture on "Practical Aspects of Brewery Sanitation" and also on "Chlorine Dioxide for the Brewing Industry." Ecolab has also just introduced a new food grade oil and grease preservative system for packaging lines; they call the system "PureGuard" and may be willing to present on this topic also. If interested, contact Joe Dirksen of Ecolab at +1.651.784.5758.
​Peter Elliot, project engineer, food, beverage, and brewing industry for GE Betz, is available to present technical papers at Master Brewers meetings. Peter can address issues relative to biocide applications, dome staining, crown rusting, pasteurizer chemical treatment, water treatment, and odor control. Contact Peter at +1.215.942.3013 or by e-mail at Peter.Elliott@gesm.ge.com.
​The ​Food Safety Committee can present information about GMPs and HACCP for the brewing industry, how the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) affects your district members, and how Master Brewers can provide assistance along your food safety journey. Contact any member of the Food Safety Committee and/or the committee chairman to request a speaker for your district meeting.
​Bill Forsythe, a speaker at the Master Brewers Packaging Course in Madison, is available to lecture on Can Double Seam Technology, emphasizing double seam control to any interested district. Contact Bill at +1.808.794.8076. Bill is an independent consultant, your District will have to pick up his expenses.
​Jeff Gunn, IDD Process & Packaging, Moorpark, CA, is available to make presentations on High Efficiency Brewing Systems (HEBS) a mash filter brewhouse for the craft brewer, flash pasteurization, and Sankey kegging systems/concepts. Contact Jeff by phone at +1.805.529.9890 or by e-mail at IDD2Jeff@aol.com.
​Scott Helstad, Technical Services Manager – National Accounts, Cargill Corn Milling North America, is available to talk about the wide variety of sweeteners and brewing adjuncts, liquid or dry, available to brewers to make a wide range of consumer appealing products.  Contact Scott by email at scott_helstad@cargill.com or  by cell phone at +1(937)470-1090.​
Dana Johnson, Birko Corporation, is available to lecture on "Best Brewery Sanitation Practices," "Acid Only Cleaning of Kegs and Brite Tanks," and "Using Antifoams to Increase Safety and Improve Yield." Dana can be contacted if interested by e-mail at djohnson@birkocorp.com or by phone: +1.303.289.1090, ext.117.
​Ginger Johnson, Women Enjoying Beer (WEB), is available to speak/teach on taking technical terminology of the beer community to the consumer, and back again; for example, a presentation on how to remove jargon and simply talk in everyday terminology to consumers. WEB is based on research of the female beer consumer and her relationship with beer. We develop and serve the female consumer from her perspective and assist the brewing community with that knowledge. Ginger can be reached by phone at +1.515.450.7757 or e-mail at ginger@womenenjoyingbeer.com. Visit the WEB website at www.womenenjoyingbeer.com.
​Brent Jordan, commercial director, AB Vickers Ltd., Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom, is available to make presentations on beer clarification/stabilization. Contact Brent by phone at +44.1283.563268 or by e-mail at bjordan@lallemand.com.
​Jim Joyce, corporate quality department, MillerCoors, Milwaukee, WI, is available to discuss aspects of "Reality at Retail," which provide perspective on how to assess and evaluate distributors for product management and handling practices as well as trade or retail quality evaluation concepts and tools. You can contact Jim at +1.414.931.3064 or +1.414.803.4849; e-mail cq09@mbco.com.
​Sebastian Kappler, Esau & Hueber GmbH, Germany, is available to talk about different topics from a practical as well as a scientific point of view. Presentations could for example deal with influences to hop utilization, best practice in dry-hopping, brewhouse technology from a scientific and practical standpoint, or how to avoid trouble and disinvestments with brewhouse expansions and upgrades. But also pres​entations dealing with yeast propagation, wort aeration and inline carbonization are possible. Sebastian is travelling frequently through the US. For further information, contact him at +49.8252.8985.25 or sebastian.kappler@esau-hueber.de​
David Kapral is the owner of Brewing Consulting Services located in Boise, ID. He is available to speak on practical brewing topics including Brewhouse Operations, Fermenting, and CIP. David is a regular speaker at the annual Master Brewers Brewing and Malting Science Course in Madison, WI. David received the Inge Russell Best Paper Award for work on Stratification in Fermenters. Contact David at +1.208.938.2064 orkbrewconsult@q.com​
​Mike Lammers of JohnsonDiversey has informed us that speakers from JohnsonDiversey, Inc. are available to speak on the following topics: CIP Optimization in Brewing and Packaging; Chlorine Dioxide in the Brewing Industry; Bottle washing in the Brewing Industry; Track Treatment in the Brewing Industry with emphasis on new chain lubricant technology; Pasteurizer Treatment in the Packaging Hall and Acidic Cleaning in the Cellars. Mike, the contact person for North America, can be reached by e-mail at mike.lammers@johnsondiversey.com.
​Don Lovell of Mason, OH, is available to speak on practical aspects of process automation. Subjects could include process sensors (press, temp, flow, etc.), PLC and DCS, control theory, and loop tuning. Other discussions could include planning for a project by developing an automation road map. Don instructs for the International Automation Society (ISA) and IDC-Tech in Perth, Australia. He has also conducted presentations for Master Brewers brewing courses and conferences. He can be contacted by e-mail at don.lovell@gmail.com or by telephone at +1.513.573.9384.
David Maradyn, Staff Scientist, Brewing Technical Service, Novozymes North America Inc. David can present on "Theory and application and theory of exogenous enzymes in the brewing process," including topics such as attenuation control, wort and beer filtration improvement, brewing with non-standard cereal grains, adjunct liquefaction, barley brewing and reducing fermentation time with enzyme use. He can be contacted by phone at +1.919.339.6232 or email at dvmy@novozymes.com
Niels Mastrup, Director of Filtration Technology, EP Minerals, LLC, is available for presentations on pre-coat filtration for brewing, covering the use of diatomaceous earth, perlite, cellulose, high purity, blended filtration media, and sustainability: spent filter cake recycling. E-mail Niels at niels.mastrup@epminerals.com or +1.775.622.6384.
Neal E.​ Meg​on​nel​l, corporate technical sales specialist for Calgon Carbon Corporation, is available to provide lectures on activated carbon adsorption in general and as it relates to various brewing applications, such as water treatment and carbon dioxide purification. Topics can be very general as it relates to carbon adsorption or very specific for various applications. He can be contacted at +1.412.787.6638 or on his cell at +1.412.736.8338. His fax number is +1.412.787.6607 and his e-mail is megonnell@calgoncarbon.com.

​Mark E. Murphy, consultant for CDB Project Services, The Woodlands, TX, Ph: 832-773-4239: E-mail: cdbprojects@aol.com. Mark can present on CIP equipment and presented a paper on Water Savings through the CIP systems at the Master Brewers National Convention. The presentation compares the available in tank CIP equipment types and compares water consumption and effectiveness. Static spray balls, two dimensional b​alls and three dimensional machines are discussed. How they work, why they work and in which cases do they work best. What is impingement and why is it important is covered. Factors that effect a good CIP will also be discussed. Mark also offers a presentation called "CIP Pump Selection - To Shear or not to Shear?"

Chris​ Nim​pt​sc​h
with Profamo Inc. is an experienced speaker on the topic of keg line and in particular how to optimize their operation. Chris has spoken on this topic many times, including past Master Brewers Annual Conferences, the World Brewing Congress, and two annual Craft Brewers Conferences. His presentation includes a discussion of best cleaning, sterilization and filling practices and a discussion of data from many keg lines (both auotmated and manual) collected via the Rotech electronic test keg (data logger keg). Contact Chris at +1.941.284.7990 or via e-mail at chris@profamo.com.
J.P. Northrop, Senior Technical Sales Rep for Anton Paar’s Process Division – Brewery Operations Group, is a seasoned professional tasked with helping clients with beer quality assurance and quality controls.  He is available to talk on topics concerning: brewery extract efficiency, fast response sensors for blending operations, and quality assurance at the filler.  Contact him at + or at john.northrop@anton-paar.com.​
​Mustafa Reh​manj​i, senior research chemist/section manager, beverage products, International Specialty Products Corporation (ISP), Wayne, NJ, is available to talk on colloidal stabilization of beer. Contact Mustafa by phone at +1.973.872.4403 or e-mail at mrehmanji@ispcorp.com.
​Fred M. Scheer, Director of Brewing and Process Technology for KRONES Inc. is available to speak on the topic: "CombicubB - The future Brewhouse for Craft- and Regional Brewers". You can reach Fred at fred.scheer@kronesusa.com or call +1 (414) 688 - 7472

Roland Sch​le​nke​r
, GEA Sales Director, Asia & Pacific
​Doctor Karl J. Siebert, professor of biochemistry, food science and technical Department, Cornell University, is available to speak on topics related to "beer haze and colloidal stabilization," "visual and instrumental perception of haze," and the "perception of astringency." Travel support would be needed in most cases. Contact Karl by phone at +1.315.787.2299 or by e-mail at kjs3@cornell.edu.
​Alex Speers, is a Professor and the Director of the International Centre of Brewing and Distilling in Edinburgh Scotland. He is available to talk on brewing quality assurance, product development, and the physical chemistry of brewing (yeast flocculation and beta-glucan and arabinoxylan polymers). Alex has worked in the QA departments of both Labatt's and Molson's. His current research interests focus on brewing science and the physical properties and behavior of fermented beverages. He can be reached by e-mail at Alex.Speers@HW.AC.UK
Ryan Stockinger is the Brewery Engineer for Arcadia Ales in Kalamazoo, MI. He is responsible for all engineering aspects of the brewery including Brewhouse and Cellar control automation, packaging process automation, glycol cooling system control, and general facility process improvement. Before entering the craft industry, Ryan received his mechanical engineering degree and worked as a senior refrigeration and controls engineer for a prominent glycol chiller manufacturer. Topics available for discussion include Brewhouse Automation, Cooling System Design and Maintenance, Cellar Controls and Automation, Facility Cost Savings through Design and Automation, and Brewery Expansion. Please feel free to contact Ryan by phone 616-826-4515 or by email at RyanStockinger@gmail.com. He is always happy to help and share his experience with the craft community.
​Bud Teass, Jr., president of McNab, Inc. of Mount Vernon, NY, has advised us that they are available to present lectures on yeast, haze, color, or trub measurement. Contact Bud by e-mail at info@themcnab.com or by phone at +1.914.699.1616 if interested.
​Tom Thi​le​r​t is the Technology Director at Pall Company. Tom can speak on beer filtration (application and process) and various filter systems. Contact him at +1.443.996.9123.

Jeff VanVoorhis is an engineer with Symbiont Science, Engineering, and Construction. Jeff has over 20 years of project experience with brewery wastewater management. He can provide assistance with every stage of the project from planning, design, construction, and operations. Symbiont completes several waste to energy projects each year to optimize the sustainability of breweries. Contact him at Jeff.vanvoorhis@symbiontonline.com or 414-291-8840.
​Xiang Yin, Director: Brewing Raw Materials SABMiller, is available to speak on: malt quality reflected by the analytical parameters and effect on brewing process and beer quality; mechanisms of beer staling and the role of malt in the precursor management; critical points in use of specialty malt for formulation considerations; technical considerations in selecting brewing ingredients for product development; the S and D of barley, variety development and market outlook in NA. Contact Dr. Yin by email, Xiang.Yin@sabmiller.com, or phone at +44 1483 75 8379.
Juerg Zuber, MD of Bucher Filtrox Systems AG, Switzerland, is available to talk about different topics regarding beer filtration. Presentations could for example deal with precoat filtration with various filter aids or crossflow membrane filtration with various membranes. But also presentations dealing with beer recovery from yeast (tank bottoms) are possible. Juerg is travelling several times per year to​ the US. For further information, contact him at +41 (44) 857 2910 or at Juerg.zuber@bucherfiltrox.com
​​​​​ ​​​​​​