Iron Brewer Competition 2013

The Event

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Friday, September 27

  • Brewer Set-up 14:00 hr
  • Presentations 14:30 - 15:00

Location: Cool Brewing Co.


  • Up to 15 participants are allowed.
  • Participants Must be a MBAA – Ontario District member.
  • Brewers can only use what is in the “Bag”.
  • The “Bag” will include sufficient grain, hops, yeast to make 20-25 litres of beer. 
  • Brewers are to provide Paul Dickey with between 4 and 10 photos of the brewday, equipment etc.
  • The brewer must make a presentation at the event. All presentations will precede the tasting 
  • 10 litres of beer must be made available for sampling at the “Event” (keg or bottle).
  • Be prepared and come with all necessary equipment to dispense your beer.
  • The brewer will serve his/her beer at the event.
  • Judging will be done by MBAA members during the event.
  • Entry fee $20.00 CAD.
Materials for this event have been donated by Beer and Wine Filter Hops Direct, Canada Malting, Gilbertson & Page & Mike Driscoll

For the presentation:

  • In a short presentation 2 to 4 minutes long, describe how you did it. 
  • Describe which equipment you used, technical challenges. 
  • Describe why you chose that beer style.


  • Voting on the “brewers choice” award will take place during the afternoon.
  • Voting will be for your three favourite beers and a weighted average will be used to determine the winner.
  • The presentation of the 2013 “Iron Brewer” award will be made that evening.

Dinner will be at 18:00 hr,  The event will conclude by 21:00 hr
Contact: Paul Dickey
Email: Phone: +1 (416) 573-5859