Brewery Safety Pledge

The Brewery Safety Committee presents the Brewery Safety Pledge as part of Master Brewers’ ongoing dedication to promoting safety in the brewery. This pledge gives safety guidelines outlined by the Brewery Safety Committee and is adaptable to breweries of all sizes. Come back each year to reaffirm your dedication to providing a safe work environment in your brewery.

To take the pledge:

  1. Download and fill out the Brewery Safety Pledge. We encourage keeping a hard copy on-site for your own use.
  2. Upload a copy of the signed pledge using the web form below.
  3. Come back next year to reaffirm and update your commitment.

Breweries have the option of being listed on the Maser Brewers website. Please indicate below whether you’d like your brewery’s name to be displayed as a participant in the pledge. If you do not wish to share your brewery’s name, your information will only be available to the Brewery Safety Committee for archival purposes.

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