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June 16
Installing brewery flooring

​Q: I just read your article on building a brewery floor.  My Husband is a brewer, looking for a commercial spot to set up shop.  However, all the warehouses we have looked at do not have a floor drain.  I know we will have to install a pad and somehow create a slope going in to a drain.  Do you know of any other type of set up (other than breaking the concrete) and/or material to create the pad? Many property owners do not like the idea of concrete and would rather we bring in a different (hopefully portable) material.

A: To make beer you will need some kind of floor drain system.  Some people use berms and then wet the floor down to see its natural low spot and that is where the drain goes.  However this cheap and cheerful method results in the same concrete cutting to install the drain and piping as a proper system and requires a squeegee and lots of effort to actually use.  Not recommended!  The options for you to install a properly drainable floor, ie one that works, are the following:

• Take out the floor and pour new slab with proper re-bar reinforcement after installing trench drains and drain piping.  Slope at ¼-5/16” per foot to the drains then seal with epoxy type mortar
• Pour a topping slab over the existing concrete floor (if it can take the weight load of your equipment), with same slope and sealing as above suggestion
• Use a grout system and hardened tiles to the trench drains using the same kind of slope

Sorry but unfortunately there no portable/temporary systems out there (yet).

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