​​Vision & Overview

​The Master Brewers Association of the Americas is a nonprofit (501 C3) professional, scientific organization dedicated to advance, support, and encourage scientific research into brewing malt beverages and related industries and to make that research available to the public through conferences, discussion groups, journals, publications and seminars.


To be the globally recognized knowledge authority in brewing science, technology, and operations—dedicated to the concept of UNITED WE BREW™.


To be the recognized leader in brewing education and technical information by leveraging the collective resources of the brewing community, thereby offering continuous improvement to the processes and products of our members. We will accomplish this through well-structured, Master Brewers supported volunteerism and engagement from members of the brewing industry at large.

Strategic Goals

  • Knowledge: Facilitate the exchange of knowledge of brewing technologies and encourage innovation.
  • Education: Provide valuable and practical education and training opportunities​.
  • People: Build a dynamic and inclusive member organization serving the global brewing community.
  • Structure: Create an organization that is effective, efficient, agile, and sustainable. 

Position Statement

Master Brewers unique strength is imbedded in our vision – United We Brew. For that reason, and at this moment in our industry’s evolution, Master Brewers states its commitment to diversity of thought and practice, while cherishing the element that unifies us – the vocation of brewing great beers and putting them safely in the hands of eager customers.
The Master Brewers Association of the Americas is an organization of brewers, not breweries. As such, we make no distinction between craft, non-craft, big or small, domestic or global, because our members are individuals who are professionals involved in the business of beer.  
Master Brewers honors the range of challenges that exist within a dynamic and global industry such as ours, in which brewing entities differ dramatically in terms of ownership, size, location, life cycle maturity, business model, beer styles, packaging types and so on. In doing so, we also hope to protect the right for all people and organizations in our great industry to share their opinions and to defend their point of view, while at the same time respecting each other’s place in the fabric of the whole.
We invite you to join us in United We Brew.​
Brewing Resources

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