Glass Container Defect Manual

R. Jim Dobson

Improve your knowledge of glass container defects.


©2009; 8.5" x 11" softcover; 135 pages; 2 pounds

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Glass manufacturing, like many processes, has its own nomenclature and terminology. This manual provides insight into the names and terms used by the glass industry. It is designed as a resource for bottlers and other users of glass containers to help them effectively communicate with glass suppliers. This manual is invaluable because it describes glass defects, common locations of defects, problems associated with the defects, and possible causes of the defects. Additionally, full-color photos illustrate each defect featured in the manual.

The physical properties of glass are unique, and the process of heat removal in the forming operation presents challenges particular to glass production. However, the process is repeatable and controllable. This manual is a tool to help you establish and maintain consistent and enlightened conversations with your glass suppliers.

Jim Dobson, founder of RJ Dobson Consulting, has been involved in the glass industry for over 34 years. The majority of the time he served as the quality manager in three different locations, and also is considered a corrugated quality specialist for all suppliers. He has an extensive knowledge of glass and corrugated containers.
Introduction and Acknowledgement

Bottle Part Names and Description

How to Inspect a Bottle

Finish and Neck Defects

Dimensional or Off Specification Defects

Shoulder and Body Defects

Bottom and Heel Defects

Miscellaneous or Various Defects

Alphabetical Listing of Defects

Glossary of Terms


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