A Handbook of Basic Brewing Calculations​​​

Stephen R. Holle

Learn to translate theory into practical applications in the brewhouse! Now including metric equations!

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©2003; 8.5" × 11" softcover; spiral binding; 96 pages; 1 pound; ISBN 978-0-9718255-1-2

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Most brewing textbooks focus on the science of what happens and why it happens during the brewing process. Methods that describe specifically “how” to control what happens usually receive brief treatment. A Handbook of Basic Brewing Calculations is a survey of authoritative textbooks that use quantitative methods to show the brewer how to translate the “what’s and why’s” of brewing science into practical brewing applications that result in more consistent and higher quality beer. Equations and procedures that would receive short treatment in other texts are thoroughly explained through numerous examples of practical brewing applications.


A Handbook of Basic Brewing Calculations clearly illustrates how to apply sound science in the brew house. A typical textbook might explain why it is important to have a certain level of calcium in the brewing water, a specific mash temperature, the correct yeast pitching rate, or a certain carbonation level, but may not explain how to achieve these results. This handbook shows the brewer how to determine what weight of gypsum will provide the desired ppm of calcium in the brewing water, what mash water temperature will achieve the desired mash temperature, what volume of yeast slurry will provide the desired yeast cell pitching rate, and what weight of priming will provide the desired carbonation level.

Learn to translate theory into practical applications in the brewhouse!

  • Explore step-by-step calculations from malt through dispense for increased control over brewing variables and improved consistency
  • Understand the science establishing each equation and its applicability to brewing to ensure correct variables are used in equations
  • Learn each mathematical step in solving equations to thoroughly comprehend how solutions are reached

Stephen R. Holle has completed the Associate Member Exam by the Institute and Guild of Brewing, London and is a Recognized Beer Judge by the Beer Judge Certification Program. Peer-reviewed and endorsed by the Master Brewers Association of the Americas, A Handbook of Brewing Calculations is the rare combination of a scientifically accurate and practical reference written for sophisticated brewing professionals, educators, students, craft brewers, and home brewers.


Water Treatment
Wort Boiling
Yeast Pitching Rates
Draught Beer Dispense
Conversion Factors
Abbreviations and Metric Prefixes
Congress Mash

"​If you ever searched for a simple equation to convert specific gravity into degrees Plato or worried about how much wort is required to prime your finished beer, or for that matter, anything in between these stages of the brewing process, then this book is what you’ve been searching for."
-- Michigan Beer Guide


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