Brewmaster's Art: The History and Science of Brewing

Charles Bamforth

​An overview of Brewing Science presented by Dr. Charles Bamforth.

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©2009; 7-CD Audio Lecture Series; 14 lectures; 3 pounds

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Brewmaster’s Art: The History and Science of Beermaking is a 7-CD audio lecture series featuring a comprehensive look at basic brewing. The course examines the shape of the world’s brewing industry today: how much beer is brewed, by whom and where, and who consumes the most beer. It covers breweries large and small, and the consolidation that is occurring in the industry at the same time as exciting growth of the craft sector.

Along with exploring the brewing process, a look at beer’s history and the contributions that it can make to a healthy diet is offered. A detailed account of how beer is made is also provided. Beer components, such as barley and malt, hops, water and yeast are examined, as well as how they come together to create countless types of beers. Beer styles and the factors that determine their quality are also discussed.

Brewmaster’s Art: The History and Science of Beermaking offers the opportunity for beer enthusiasts, students, and learners of all backgrounds to experience an audio lecture series presented by the renowned Dr. Charles Bamforth. Dr. Bamforth is Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Malting & Brewing Sciences at the University of California, Davis. His brewing experience spans the globe and the past three decades.

Dr. Bamforth recommends the purchase of Beer: Tap into the Art and Science of Brewing to accompany this lecture series.

About Your Professor

The Shape of the Worldwide Brewing Industry

The Basics of Brewing

The History of Brewing

Raw Materials: Barley and Malt

Raw Materials: Water and Hops

The Brewhouse

Fermentation Through Packaging

Beer Styles: Top-Fermentation Beers

Beer Styles: Bottom-Fermentation Beers and Other Product Types

The Quality of Beer: Flavor and Flavor Stability

The Quality of Beer: Appearance

Beer: Healthfulness and Perception

Beer in the United States

The Impact of Science on the Development of the Brewing Industry Past, Present, and Future


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