Committee Chairs

Foundation Chair: Joseph W. Caracausa

Membership Committee Chair: Michael F. Adler, The Boston Beer Company

Education Committee Chair: Travis L. Audet

Nominating Committee Chair: Horace G. Cunningham, Third Street Brewhouse

Bylaw Committee Chair: Tom Eplett, MillerCoors

Scholarship Subcommittee Chair: Walter Heeb, MillerCoors

Website Technical Committee Chair: Florian Kuplent, Urban Chestnut Brewing Co

Finance Committee Chair: Ruth Ellen Martin, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co

Editorial and Publications Chair: Paul J. Milly, MillerCoors

Steering Committee Chair: Mary B. Pellettieri, La Pavia Consulting

Heritage Committee Chair: Richard W. Seemueller, Your Beer Ambassador LLC

Food Safety Commitee Chair: Patrick Staggs, Crown Beverage Packaging

Technical Committee Chair: Susan E. Welch, Malteurop North America Inc

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