Website Technical Committee
The committee charge is to review and comment on contributions made for website informational content. (i.e. Brewpedia, Ask the Brewmaster, and Tech Tips features).

Committee Chair: Florian Kuplent,, Urban Chestnut Brewing Co

Committee Co-Chair: Jordan Ramey, Olds College

Committee Member: Gerrit Bluemelhuber, Doemens Academy GmbH

Committee Member: Shawn D. Breeden, Pentair Sudmo & Haffmans

Committee Member: Douglas R. Hindman, Elliott Bay Brewing Comapny

Committee Member: Dana J. Johnson, Birko Corporation

Committee Member: Lars C. Larson, Trumer Brauerei

Committee Member: Matthew McCarroll, Fermentation Science Institute

Committee Member: Virgil M. McDonald, John I Haas

Committee Member: Nathan J. McLaughlin, Kulshan Brewing Co

Committee Member: Richard G. Norgrove, Bear Republic Brewing Co

Ex-officio: John Bryce, MBAA

MBAA Staff: Sarah McNamara, MBAA

MBAA Staff: Emma Nygren, MBAA

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