Scholarship Subcommittee
Vision-Award scholarships to qualified candidates in the brewing community for their professional and technical development.

Purpose- Establish specific scholarships to be awarded. Establish criteria for awarding scholarships to candidates. Work with the Foundation committee to establish and maintain the annual scholarship budget. Promote MBAA scholarships though the MBAA website, outreach programs to non-MBAA members, at industry trade events and at local MBAA district meetings.

Committee Chair: Walter Heeb,, MillerCoors

Executive Committee Liaison: Kristopher C. Scholl, Craft Brew Alliance

Committee Member: Justin K. Ang, Half Acre Beer Co.

Committee Member: Jeff C. Biegert, New Belgium Brewing Co

Committee Member: Joseph W. Caracausa

Committee Member: Thomas M. Flores

Committee Member: Bill Lawrence, General Filtration

Committee Member: Ruth Ellen Martin, Black Tooth Brewing Company

Committee Member: Gil W. Sanchez

Committee Member: Daniel Sharp, Ninkasi Brewing Company

Committee Member: Brad Stevenson, Founders Brewing Co

MBAA Staff: Linda Schmitt, MBAA

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